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With the recent Noval Coronavirus situation, many parents are worried about heading out and many have refrained from bringing the kids for non-essential activities. 

A recent survey that we did on BYKidO's Instagram, revealed that while parents (86% of 290 respondents) plan to make changes to their plans to go out, many parents (70% of 404 respondents) still prefer to head outdoors compared to being at home. 

In view of parent's concerns on the Coronavirus situation and yet wanting to go out, we reached out to play venues in Singapore and to ask them about their cleaning and sanitsation plans. Below are the replies that we received, and we will continue to update this list as we hear back. 


Cleaning Schedule: Before the virus outbreak, we do regular cleaning such as dusting at least twice a week and disinfecting once a week. Now, we have stepped up the disinfection and cleaning by increasing the frequency to every day on all surfaces that are regularly touched by hands; counters, shelves, shoe racks, etc.

Anything else to note: We have increased the frequency of washing the balls in the ball pit from twice a month to once a week. For the past 3 weeks we have been washing the balls in our ball pit on Thursdays.

This is not fixed (due to staff schedules) but will be done every week on one of the weekdays.

Temperature taking: All guests are required to undergo temperature screening as well as sanitizing their hands before being allowed on the nets. Guests who are unwell will be denied entry and asked to reschedule their session to another date.

For our staff, we do temperature screening twice a day and it will be recorded into a log sheet. Anyone feeling unwell will be sent home or to the doctors immediately.

If you plan to go

Venue: City Square Mall, Level 2
Opening Hours:
10.45 am - 9 pm
+65 6631 9789 /

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PLAY! by KinderPlay



Cleaning Schedule: We clean all surfaces (including the floor) with hospital-grade child-safe disinfectant at least once a day (sometimes after a group of children have played)

Anything else to note: On a weekly basis, we replace all balloons. We clean all balls in the ballpit on a monthly basis using our ball cleaning machine. This is scheduled around two weeks after the monthly sanitisation by our professional cleaning vendor.  This will ensure the ballpit is sanitised roughly every two weeks. 

We run monthly sanitisation by our professional cleaning vendor, using the same hospital-grade child-safe disinfectant. This was last done on Monday, 3 Feb and the next is scheduled for Thursday, 5 March.

Temperature Taking: Temperature checks for all staff on duty once when reporting for work and once every 6 hours until end of shift. Any staff that is unwell will be asked to return home and to see a doctor. More details of our precautions may be seen here:

If you plan to go

Venue: Changi Airport Terminal 3 Basement 2, #B2-14/15/16/17
Opening Hours:
 11 am - 11 pm
+65 9115 7638 /

My Little Climbing Room

Cleaning Schedule: We do regular cleaning daily. Our regular cleaning includes the following :

  • Vacuum first then use steam mop to clean the floor and mattress. Steaming has been shown to be able to disinfect without the use of chemicals.
  • Disinfectant are used on all surfaces that children come in contact with (eg. Door handle, climbing equipment, toys etc..)

We have also increased sanitisation routine from weekly to daily.

Anything else to note: The maximum number of children allowed in each session has been decreased to 10. We also disinfect the air with Disinfectant Spray every 2 hours between sessions.

Temperature Taking: Daily screening are done on our staff and all visitors.

If you plan to go

Venue: The Promenade @ Pelikat, #B1-101
Opening Hours:
 2 pm - 7.30 pm (Thu and Fri) | 10 am - 7.30 pm (Sat and Sun)
+65 8774 2883 /

Waka Waka

Cleaning Schedule: We have an in-house cleaner to help with the cleaning of the indoor playground on a daily basis. This includes regular sweeping, dusting, and wiping of surfaces such as tables, glass doors and shelves. Toilets are also cleaned on a daily basis. We do antimicrobial treatments on a monthly basis as well (we engage an external vendor who helps with this, and the process takes places after operating hours once the playground is empty).

Anything else to note: We segregate various days of the week to do clean-up of toys and various areas of the indoor playground. For example, we have scheduled wipe down of 'Level 2' or the upper areas of the main play area, volcano structure + slide, bouncy castle. On other days of the week there will be sanitization of toys and wipe down of the toddler area.

We're also getting the microbial treatment to be done twice in a month, stepping it up from our existing once a month. 

Temperature Taking: Daily screening are done on our staff and all visitors.

If you plan to go

Venue: Annex @ Furama, Level 5
Opening Hours:
 10 am - 7 pm (Mon - Fri) | 9.30 am - 8 pm (Sat and Sun)
+65 6738 7733 /


Cleaning Schedule: We wipe down all surfaces and wash our toys Everyday! The blocks are washed on rotation. Properly washed with soap, scrubbed and rinsed. Not just sprayed with water. 

Anything else to note: Kaboodle was designed to be easy to clean. There’s no hidden corners that we can miss. All surfaces are washable and we wash it all.

We make sure everyone entering the premises has sanitized or washed their hands (we have a sink and a huge bottle of hand soap for those whom are sensitive to sanitizers).

Temperature Taking: Daily screening are done on our staff and all visitors.

If you plan to go

Venue: Katong Square, Level 2 
Opening Hours:
 10 am - 6 pm (Mon, Wed, Thu and Sun) | 9.30 am - 7 pm (Fri and Sat) | Closed Tue
+65 6247 7020 /

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KidZania Singapore

Kidzania Singapore

Cleaning Schedule: We have stepped up the disinfection and cleaning by increasing the frequency to before and after every activity cycle on all surfaces in the establishment.

KidZania Singapore will be closed on selected Wednesdays in the month of February (5, 12, 19 and 26 Feb) and March (4, 11 and 25 Mar) for the City to conduct maintenance checks and step up our cleaning efforts for the benefits of all our visitors.

Anything else to note: Lifebuoy sanitisers are made available at our entry and exit points, as well as all around the City for all visitors use. 

We have also implemented an advanced booking system for kids to pre-select role-play activities for the day on non-peak days (weekdays and school days). Kids are able to choose which activities they would like to do and pre-plan their day at the Job Information Centre. With a planned itinerary, kids can head straight to their allocated slot at the given time, without the need to queue at the establishments.  Each role-play cycle is planned out in 30-minute intervals to allow the wiping down all surfaces with child-safe disinfectant before the next cycle of kids enter.

Temperature Taking: All visitors are required to undergo temperature-taking before being allowed into KidZania Singapore. Visitors who are unwell will be denied entry and asked to reschedule their visit to another date.

For our team members, they are required to do take their temperature twice a day and it will be recorded into their personal log sheet. Anyone feeling unwell will be advised to seek medical attention promptly.

More details of the precautions taken may be viewed here. 

If you plan to go

Venue: KidZania Singapore @ 31 Beach View, Palawan Kidz City, #01-01/02, Singapore 09880
Opening Hours:
10am ‚Äď 6pm, closed on selected Wednesdays
+65 6653 6888 /

Resorts World Sentosa

Cleaning Schedule: RWS has strengthened our efforts across the resort to ensure health and safety of all guests and employees. Seven times more frequent cleaning, disinfection and sanitisation across RWS including hotels, restaurants and attractions. We use hospital-grade disinfectant in these sessions.

Anything else to note: More than 10 thermal scanners at casino, attractions and hotels carrying out temperature checks. Over 270 hand sanitisers are available across RWS

Temperature Taking: Twice daily mandatory temperature taking for all employees. Thermal scanners are also used in the entrances of S.E.A Aquarium and Universal Studios Singapore, with additional checks with thermometer if necessary.

If you plan to go

Venue: Resorts World Sentosa
Opening Hours:
 Varies across attractions
Visit for individual details

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