5 Exciting Bug and Nature-themed Playgrounds at Tengah, Plantation Acres Estate

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The new Tengah HDB Estate is filled with exciting playgrounds with 5 nature-themed ones found at Plantation Acres! 

Venue: Blk 111A, 111B, 112A, 112B, Tengah Garden Ave

Families moving into or visiting the new Tengah HDB estates will have the chance to have lots of fun with 5 nature-themed playgrounds at Plantation Acres Estate. In total, children will have 12 different playgrounds to choose from, with another 7 Fruits and Plantation-themed playgrounds at the nearby Plantation Grange Estate. 

Let's take a look at the type of play we can expect at the estate! 

Climbing Cube Playground

The Climbing Cube playground is located at Blk 111B and is suitable for 6 years old and above. The structure offers a variety of climbing ropes for the children to climb up, cross the rope bridge and slide down! Little ones can explore the spider-web like rope structure with different ideas on how to climb up into the slide! 

There are also hammocks for kids and adults to chill and rest in! There are also several climbing structures for little ones to conquer, but younger ones should take care when attempting these obstacles! 

Hive Playground 

At Blk 112A, little ones will find a playground disguised like a hive with different climbing elements to the slides. From the centre structure, little ones can also conquer the balancing rope and to climb the web rope too!

The playground is filled with other climbing structures and slides for the adventurous climbers too! The unique rope swing is a hit as kids and parents can squeeze in for a swing! 

An adult exercising area located within the playground, so parents can squeeze in a workout while watching your kids too!  

Leaf Litter Playground

The Leaf Litter Playground at Blk 112B consist of various thematic play structures that are designed with bug elements for little ones to pretend play while taking part in active play! This playground is located just beside the Hive Playground and is more suited for younger ones! 

Little ones can try to cross the balancing log or to swing with their parents at the parent and child swing. Look out for hidden corners with interactive play elements and sound makers for children to discover. With lower slides and shorter climbing elements, this playground is suited for younger ones. 

Mini-Climbing Cube Playground

Located beside the Climbing Cube Playground mentioned above, the Mini-Climbing Cube playground is suitable for 2 to 5 years old with baby swings, a simple climbing rope course and a mini slide too!

The play structures in the playground is lower to accommodate toddlers! 

Flower Nature Hunt Playground

Located slightly further away at Blk 111A, the Flower Nature Hunt playground is filled with flowers and butterfly designs. From a flower roundabout to butterfly steps, toddlers can have fun at this colourful playground! 

The main play structure features a 2 small slides with interactive game boards suitable for young ones.

What To Bring

The estate is relatively new so do remember to bring water bottles, insect repellant and sun screen! Make sure that kids are properly attired for play time, and also to ensure that you are sufficiently protected against the sun too! 


The Nature-themed playgrounds are located at the Plantation Acre Estate at Tengah Garden Ave. 



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