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BYKidO does not just share the where to go or what to do. We actively reach out to play venues to negotiate great deals for you too!

Our mission at BYKidO is to help make parenting a little easier and a lot more fun! With this in mind, over the last 3 years we have focused our content around family events and experiences to help parents make better decision on where to go and what to do with the family. 

We have taken this one step forward by working with suitable play venues and edutainment centres to work on deals and promotions to better encourage families to create their next family memory. 

Below is a list of our play venue promotions to help you save more when you bring your kids out too! Click here for a full list of promotions.

The Types of Redemption

Promotion Listings on BYKidO

Let us first briefly share how promotions work on BYKidO. You will notice it may work slightly differently from other sites. You may get more information here.

When you purchase a promotion eVoucher on BYKidO, you are purchasing the eVoucher and not the actual entry (unless otherwise stated). For example, when you purchase a 50% Off Admission Fee eVoucher, you will still need to make payment for the remaining 50% Admission Fee directly to the merchant. 

  • Flash and Redeem
    You may simply show the web or App listing to the merchant or use the Promo Code stated in the listing to enjoy the promotion listed. 
  • Email eVoucher
    Purchase the eVoucher to receive a redemption no. via email. Make booking with the redemption no. or present redemption no. email to merchant to enjoy promotion. 
  • App eVoucher
    Purchase the eVoucher in App. Use the eVoucher in App to enjoy the promotion. eVoucher may not be used or repurchased one limit is reached.

Now that we cleared this up (ask us if it is still not clear), let's see what promotions are available for you!

The Petite Park - Great For Younger Ones

The Petite Park is a children’s indoor play space dedicated to early childhood. The playground believes that play is a valuable learning tool, and is designed to provide children under 7 years old (or less than 130cm in height) an imaginative, challenging, and fun yet safe environment to play and explore.

Promotion: 50% Off Single Entry Fees for up to 3 Uses (App eVoucher)
Savings: Up to $33 
Price of eVoucher: $5
Valid Till: 30 June 2020
Suitable For: 0 - 7 yrs old

Kaboodle - For Unleashing Creativity

A creative indoor play space in Singapore, providing development for creative intelligence and growth for children from ages 1 to 12, with both creative free play and structured programs. This is where kids and the young at heart go wild through imaginative play.

Promotion: 50% Off Single Admissions for up to 3 Uses (App eVoucher)
Savings: Up to $30 
Price of eVoucher: $5
Valid Till: 30 June 2020
Suitable For: 1 - 12 yrs old

Tots Society - For Kids to Play, Parents to Chill

At Tots Society, you will get to enjoy a relaxing play environment for young children without the typical overstimulating elements or cluttered spaces at other indoor playgrounds. Dedicated to families with kids aged 0 - 6, the cozy playroom provides a free play environment that is less about expending energy and more about exercising creativity, team work and social skills

Promotion: 50% Off Weekend Admissions Fees for up to 3 Uses (App eVoucher)
Savings: Up to $37.50 
Price of eVoucher: $5
Valid Till: 30 June 2020
Suitable For: 0 - 6 yrs old

SuperPark - The Largest Indoor Activity Park Awaits

Originated from Finland, SuperPark is Singapore’s largest all-in-one indoor activity park. With 40,000sqf Spanning across 2 levels at Suntec City Mall, it offers more than 20 sports activities. 

Promotion: 10% Off Regular Admission Tickets (Flash and Redeem)
Savings: $4.80 per use
Price of eVoucher: nil
Valid Till: 30 June 2020
Suitable For: 3 yrs and above

Arteastiq - Discover Your Creative Side

Connect with your creative side at Arteastiq Social Painting Studio, an art jam studio offering the therapeutic experience of expression on canvas. Delight in a beverage on the house while you unleash the artist within at this city oasis.

Promotion: $20 Off 3-hr Art Jamming Session (Email eVoucher)
Savings: $20 per use
Price of eVoucher: $2
Valid Till: 30 June 2020
Suitable For: 4 - 16 yrs

Airzone - Go on a Parent / Child Adventure

The AIRZONE attraction is an elevated playground that sits within the atrium space of City Square Mall between the floor levels. Climb all the way to the top level of AIRZONE and experience the distinct themed zones on each of the 6 floors that you have climbed! 

Promotion: $10 Off 2-to-Play eVoucher (App eVoucher)
Savings: $10
Price of eVoucher: $2
Valid Till: 31 Mar 2020
Suitable For: 3 yrs and above

Waka Waka - A Safari Adventure with a Treat

Waka Waka is a Safari themed indoor playground for children 9 mths - 12 yrs old. Located at Annex@Furama, Waka Waka has ample amount of space for little ones to unleash their energy.

Promotion: 50% Off Admissions Ticket with 1 Kids Meal (Email eVoucher)
Savings: $6 per eVoucher
Price of eVoucher: $2
Valid Till: 13 Mar 2020
Suitable For: 1 - 12 yrs old

PLAY! by KinderPlay - The Newest Playground in the East

Newly opened in 2020, Play! by KinderPlay is an indoor playground located at Changi Airport Terminal 3, basement 2. The playground features the popular Cartoon Network characters, Ben 10 and The Powerpuff Girls.

Promotion: 10% Off Regular Admission Rates (Flash and Redeem)
Savings: $2.10 per use
Price of eVoucher: nil
Valid Till: 31 Mar 2020
Suitable For: 0 - 12 yrs old



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