7 Free Outdoor Playgrounds for Kids to Run Wild at in Tokyo

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If you’re looking to get your little ones out for some toasty fun under the sun (and maybe deplete that seemingly ceaseless energy supply), here’s our pick of 7 absolutely free outdoor playgrounds in Tokyo where your little munchkins can run wild!

1. Asukayama Park Playground

Asukayama Park Playground
Photo credits Japan Travel

Location: Asukayama Park, 1 Chome-1-3 Oji, Kita City, Tokyo 114-0002, Japan
Operating hours: Daily/24 hrs

One of the oldest parks in Japan, Asukayama Park has wide spaces and play areas that makes it not just the ideal location for a leisurely walk but also for little kids to run around.

The highlight of the play area has got to be the giant steep slides. If your little ones would rather give a pass to the elephant slide, they can still climb on a small mountain to reach a castle to explore, or create their very own castle at the sand pit.

Aside from that there are also swing sets, monkey bars, animal sculptures and a water play area if you visit in summer. If your little tots get bored of all that running around, you can bring them to explore an old tram and train engine nearby.  

The park also has restrooms and baby change tables.

2. Kogai Park Playground

Kogai Park Playground
Photo credits Best Living Japan

Location: Kogai Park, 3 Chome-12-1 Nishiazabu, Minato City, Tokyo 106-0031, Japan
Operating hours: Daily/24 hrs

The Kogai Park Playground has play equipment that you’ll find in a normal playground—slide, climbing net, and swings—in addition to a mini obstacles course at the side and shaded areas from where you can keep an eye of your little tykes. If you’re heading down to Kogai Park, you may want to note that the playground tends to get a little crowded after-school hours due to the nursery schools in the area.

3. Komazawa Olympic Park Playground

Komazawa Olympic Park Playground
Photo credits Savy Tokyo

Location: Komazawa Olympic Park, 1-1 Komazawakoen, Setagaya City, Tokyo 154-0013, Japan
Operating hours: Daily/24 hrs

Scattered across along the jogging track at Komaza Olympic Park, a paradise for those looking to get a good workout, are three animal-themed playgrounds, the Uma (horse), Buta (Pig) and Risu (Squirrel) Parks. Each park has sculptures inspired by the animal theme, several slides, swings and sand play area, among others.

4. Sakurazaka Park Playground

Sakurazaka Park Playground
Photo credits The Japan Times

Location: Sakurazaka Park, 6 Chome-16-46 Roppongi, Minato City, Tokyo 106-0032, Japan
Operating hours: Daily/24 hrs

You’ll know you’ve reached your destination when you spot the towering pole of colorful robots. Sakurazaka Park, more popularly known as the Robot Park is quite a favorite among toddlers and it’s not hard to see why. While the 10 different colorful slides are the highlight of the playground, a curving yellow slide that slopes down the hill provides quite a bit of an excitement for little ones as well.

The small playground also has robot-inspired spring rockers and short totem poles for climbing.

5. Shinjuku Chuo Park Playground

Shinjuku Chuo Park Playground
Photo credits @annesjapan

Location: Shinjuku Chuo Park, 2 Chome-11 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku City, Tokyo 160-0023, Japan (map)
Operating hours: Daily/24 hrs

Shinjuku Chuo Park’s vast space is divided into three different areas comprising of an athletic ground, a biotope, a water play pool that opens in the summer and a playground, among others. Multiple choices of slides, swings, spring rockers and an obstacles course can keep them occupied while you take a short break on the benches scattered around the playground.

6. Sumida Park Playground

Sumida Park Playground
Photo credits @pamoian

Location: Sumida Park, 1-1 Imado/7-1 Asakusa/ 1-1 Hanakawado/ 2-1 Hanakawado, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Operating hours: Daily/24 hrs

Just a few minutes’ walk away from the very famous Senso-ji Temple, at Sumida Park is a children’s playground with swings, slides and climbing structures. The idyllic park becomes quite the hotspot in spring when cherry blossoms bloom and in autumn when the leaves turn a brilliant orange-brown, providing a picturesque view. Situated along the river, the park is no less beautiful on other days as well.

7. Shinagawa Ward Residents’ Park Playground

Shinagawa Ward Residents’ Park Playground
Photo credits Tokyo Creative

Location: 3-chome-2 Katsushima, Shinagawa City, Tokyo-to 140-0012, Japan
Operating hours: Sat – Wed (closed: Thu – Fri)/10.30 am – 5.30 pm

The Shinagawa Ward Residents’ Park makes for a nice and calming side-trip after a visit to the Shinagawa Aquarium. Set amidst the natural landscape are play structures inspired by the aquatic life such as the whale slide and dolphin teeter-totters. Additionally, there are also a set of different slides in bright colors, short rock climbing wall and a long zipline.  



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