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Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park: A Carnival Wonderland for the Young & Young-at-heart

Formerly known as the First World Indoor Theme Park, Skytropolis is packed with an array of games and rides with varying thrill-levels. Bathed in seemingly a hundred prismatic tints, Skytropolis Funland is reminiscent of a sparking carnival ground. Source: Thrillopilia The rides at Skytropolis are divided into 3 categories: Children, Family and Thrill. Do take note of the minimum height requirements for the rides. Kids can go for a ride on a miniature bumper car at Boo Boo Bump or sit back and enjoy a leisurely ride around the ‘Eiffel tower’ at Loop de Loop. For child-sized thrills, you’ve got Jumping Spurs, a mini-jumping tower with mild climbs and drops. Family rides includes the Royal Carousel, an eye-catching double storey...

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District 21 – A Thrilling Ride in a Post-apocalyptic World

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, District 21 provides an interesting twist to the usual (but nonetheless thrilling) slides, obstacles and climbing structures found in an indoor theme park. Photo credits Tourism Selangor Trampolines, pedal go-karts, slides, and tubby rides where you can drop down a slope in a tube, aside, there’s the Roller Glider. Instead of zooming through a straight line, the zip line swerves pass curves and sharp turns. A roller coaster ride without the carriages, if you will. Photo credits IOI City Mall Consisting of over 20 obstacles, think wobbly bridge and narrow planks, set high up above the ground, Sky Trail is certainly not for everyone, especially if you’re afraid of heights. For the younger kids, who...

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