Kiddomo Discovery JB: A true invitation to play and a great fun treat for children of all ages!

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Kiddomo Discovery JB

Photo credit: Kiddomo (Artist’s Impression)

Play Lab

Photo credit: Kiddomo (Artist’s Impression)

Location: R&F Mall #02-86b Mercu 1, Jalan Tanjing Puteri 1, R&F Tanjung Puteri
80300 Johor Bahru, Johor Malaysia
Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm, Daily
Admission: Admission fees apply

Kiddomo Discovery’s 2nd outlet has opened its doors in Johor Bahru (JB)!

Located at the recently opened R&F Mall (that is opposite City Square Mall and a mere 7 minutes from JB customs), Kiddomo Discovery is the first playland of its kind in Malaysia.

Spanning across 15,000 square feet, this innovative and educational playground is specially designed for children - aged 2 to 15 years old - to encourage independent discovery, stimulate creativity and curiosity, as well as inspire imaginative play coupled with the use of technology.

With the aim of fostering purposeful learning though play, each of Kiddomo Discovery’s 15 stations has been uniquely designed to feature an array of fun, holistic and educational activities (such as, art, music, technology and creative play) to enhance a child’s physical development, hand-eye coordination, creative thinking skills, and more!


Some of the stations are:

1. Kiddomo Heroes Station

Here’s where a child can take on his dream profession (such as, a policeman or a doctor) or transform into a fantasy character (such as, a wizard or a fire-breathing dragon). Don’t forget to grab a selfie moment too!

2. Discovery Station

Learn about new dinosaur species by uncovering hidden eggs inside this ginormous ball pool and scanning them with the interactive scanner.

Discovery Station

Photo credit: Kiddomo (Artist’s Impression)

3. Fitness Station

Engage your LOs with some fun, physical activity at this station, where they get to traverse through the Musical Maze of colourful candies and shapes, and collect galaxy stars on the Luna slider. A great way to expend all that boundless energy of theirs too, don’t’ you think? =)

Fitness Station

Photo credit: Kiddomo (Artist’s Impression)

4. Power Ride Station
Looking for a more intense energy-burning sesh? Check out this Power Ride station for some spinning workout fun!
Power Ride Station

Photo credit: Kiddomo (Artist’s Impression)

5. Performing Station

The place to be for all the young aspiring stars!

Let your child sing and dance to his/her favourite song, and star in his/her very own music video!

Here’s also a chance for them to become a music maestro by conducting an orchestra (made up of various musical instruments) to play popular pieces of music.
Performing Station

Photo credit: Kiddomo (Artist’s Impression)

6. Magic Station

Calling all the magic lovers! Head over to Magic Academy for a chance to bring out that inner magician in you! Be like Harry Potter and cast magic spells with a digital wand and overcome obstacles.

Here’s also where your child gets to see his/her earlier created selfie (at the Kiddomo Heroes Station) at the magic mirror by scanning his/her band. What’s more, he/she will also be able to move his/her selfie character on screen with his/her actual body movements.

For those keen to take on a higher challenge, well, here’s your chance too! Compete with the computer, as well as with previous high scorers by bursting as many balloons as you can on the screen. Good luck and have fun!

Magic Station

Photo credit: Kiddomo (Artist’s Impression)

7. Creative Station

Here at Creative Station, your imagination knows no bounds! Get innovative as you create and play!

Creative Station

Photo credit: Kiddomo (Artist’s Impression)

8. Baby Gym (For children under 3 years old)

There is also a dedicated Baby Gym area designed to cater to the holistic developmental needs of young kids aged below 3 years old.

Baby Gym

Photo credit: Kiddomo (Artist’s Impression)

Other stations/zones include:

  • Collection Station
  • Happiness Station
  • Pampering Zone (JB Only)

A kid-friendly café is also located within this indoor playground so that the kiddos can come over to grab a bite should they get hungry in between their play time.

As for the parents, well, I would say this is your perfect opportunity to get some “chill time” by simply sitting back and relaxing over a cup of coffee (or two!), while your kids roam and play around and freely! (Yippee! =))


Photo credit: Kiddomo (Artist’s Impression)

Other facilities include lockers, washrooms, as well as a nursing room.


Photo credit: Kiddomo (Artist’s Impression)

Ticket Prices: 

Ticket Prices

Children aged below two years old enter for free.

The entire indoor playground is cleaned thrice week, with the ball pool sanitized with hospital-grade child-friendly anti-bacterial wash. Hand sanitizers and air purifiers are also widely available around the play areas to ensure that hygiene is well maintained.

Note: Socks are required to be worn at all times by both children and adults.

For more information, visit:

Official Website:

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