REVIEW: Pangaea: Interactive Adventure Game For Families

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Activity Reviewed: Pangaea: Interactive Adventure Game For Families
Reviewer: Shawn Quek

*Note: Pangaea's concept has changed since the review, and is now called Pangaea: The Lost Forest. It is now a regular escape room concept, and is recommended for kids aged 12 yrs and above. 

As the November – December 2020 school holidays kick in, the most common concerns of most parents (like ourselves) usually involve thinking of what to do, where to go, how much to pay and trying to get a time slot for some of the activities (owing to the Covid-19 situation).

The Quek family recently did an interesting and unique family activity for the first time, trying an Escape Room!

While it was not exactly like the usual Escape Room style, it was fun, engaging and entertaining for both our kids (aged 8 years and 5 years).

The place in mention is The Escape Artist, and the outlet we went to is the Joo Chiat Outlet – Enchanted Manor (310 Joo Chiat Road, S427561). From the outside, it looks quaint and deceivingly small, but not quite what I had imagined when I entered.

The name of the game is called Pangaea: Interactive Adventure Game, and once you step into the room, you are “transported” to a world of danger, mystery, and suspense in a very Jumanji styled gameplay.

The Game Master will introduce the objective/goal of the game, the layout of the board and ask every participant to choose a character. Each character has their unique strengths and abilities, that will allow the game and challenges for later to be cleared easier.

Pro tip: I found that choosing the appropriate game characters was crucial in the gameplay and was lucky that our 4 different characters allowed us to clear the game with some ease! So, choose wisely!

The token used to navigate the board is a group token. Once we reached a checkpoint, we will be ushered into another part of the room, where the challenge will be issued for the whole family to complete.

We managed to complete a total of 3 different and unique challenges. The challenges offer both adults and kids opportunities to test our thinking abilities, arm strength, shooting skills and much more!

Pro tip: Teamwork is key!

The game concludes when the whole team completes the last challenge and returns to the real world from the board game. We had just about 15 seconds remaining before our time was up! Phew!

Any activity/game is only as good as the person conducting it, and our Game Master was top notch. From his explanation and briefing from the start of the game, to bringing us through the various challenges with vivid descriptions of the dangers and perils that came with each task, and to being animated and friendly with the kiddos, our Game Master truly brought the game to life!

Thanks BYKidO for the great lobang and recommendation!

Already feeling excited by reading about the place, and looking to plan your next family out to Pangaea?

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