REVIEW: Jolly Confetti’s Princess Slime and Clay Art Workshop

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Product Reviewed: Jolly Confetti’s Princess Slime and Clay Art Workshop
Reviewer: Mummy Ying Ying (@ines.adalays) with her daughter

We had an enjoyable Saturday afternoon at the Princess Slime and Clay Art Workshop hosted by Jolly Confetti on 26 Sep 2020. Jolly Confetti is located in a bright and spacious studio within UE Square shared with Soaprise. We love that the workshop was kept small with social distancing measures in place (each family was seated at different tables).

This being a Princess themed workshop, we started with the making of the Clay Art Magnet. First, we had to choose three colours of clay. Next, we had to twist and roll them together to achieve a mixed gradient effect. My little Princess chose her favourite colours - different shades of pink and purple, as well as the shape of a unicorn for her magnet. She was then guided through the cutting of her clay piece with the unicorn cutter before having to decorate it with some rhinestone stickers. Thereafter, her unicorn magnet was sent to bake, and we proceeded to our next activity, slime making!

This has got to be my girl's favourite activity at the workshop! After choosing the colour of her slime (pink of course!), she was taught the various steps to making her own slime. We liked that the slime made here are free of borax (which is a strong cleaning agent and can cause poisoning and organ damage if inhaled or ingested). In fact, all the ingredients used here are safe for kids, and you can typically find them in bookstores and/or supermarkets.

The excitement and glee on her face upon seeing the slime forming - from mixing glue, baking soda and saline - is just priceless. Moreover, she could also add in as much bling and decorative elements as she wants into her slime (as long as they can all fit into the tub to bring home!). And I must say, her slime really looks like a very pretty cookie on the table!

We also picked up a very helpful tip on how to remove transfers - by simply using white vinegar! As such, we are now no longer afraid of the slime getting onto the kids’ clothing!

All in all, it was a fun experience and my Little Princess was very happy with her tub of pink slime and unicorn magnet. She was even surprised with a small ring gift to take home. We definitely look forward to attending more of Jolly Confetti's themed workshops in the near future!


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