REVIEW: City Sprout & Little Cookhouse - Farm-To-Table Herbs Waffle with Egg Mayo

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Activity Reviewed: City Sprout & Little Cookhouse - Farm-To-Table Herbs Waffle with Egg Mayo (September Holiday Programme)
Reviewer: Mummy Kengie and Family

The Farm-to-Table Herbs holiday programme took place on Sat, 4 September 2021 and we attended the 11.30am that lasted 2 hours till 1.30pm. The entire experience took place at Sprout Hub. The experience was divided into 2 parts, a farm tour conducted by City Sprouts and a waffle baking session by Little Cookhouse. 

The programme was priced at $120, which we felt was on the higher end, but we cannot deny that it was a great experience that included the opportunity for the entire family to bond as the fees were inclusive of up to 4 pax. We will also want to appreciate the efforts taken by the staff conducting the farm tour AND baking session for being meticulous and helpful throughout the session. 

Farm Tour

The tour started with greetings from a friendly City Sprout staff who shared the knowledge about various herbs and fruits as we walked around the farm. The kids were absolutely thrilled to see a very well-fed rooster and even getting the chance to touch it too!

I really recommend the farm tour as an opportunity to pick-up new knowledge, get into the sun and away from screen time. But do try getting the earlier session to avoid the afternoon sun. Unlike us who were soak in perspiration after the farm walk! 

Waffle Baking Session

The kids really enjoyed making the waffles from scratch! Especially because they included herbs that they had harvested from the farm earlier too! The team managing the session was great too - they were constantly checking to ensure we were on the right steps and that everything was in place! 

Maybe that's why the waffles tasted great and the kids could not wait to devour their egg mayo waffle at the end of the session! There was nothing left to bring home! 

City Sprout organises regular workshops, holiday programmes and Farm tours on its premise, Sprout Hub. Do check out the programme by City Sprout on BYKidO now! 

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Daddy to 2 adorable little ones. Misses them the moment they are not around, regrets missing them the moment they are around.

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