3 Must-Visit Less-Known Kids Friendly Attractions in Tokyo apart from Disneyland!

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Tokyo is a popular destination, but did you know these 3 "lesser-known" attractions?

A popular destination for many families, Tokyo is on the top of many families travel plans yearly with Disneyland being MUST- VISIT when you are in Tokyo. But did you know that there are many other kids friendly attractions in Tokyo to visit too? Here's our list of 3 lesser-known attractions that you may wish to consider adding to your itinerary too!

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Fire Station Museum

  • 3- 10 Yotsuya, Shinjuku, Tokyo Prefecture
  • Website (in Japanese)
  • Free

Fire Station Museum at Tokyo

Firstly, its amazing how the Fire Station Museum is free for entry. The displays and exhibits can be compared to a paid attraction. Many of the exhibits are interactive to attract the attention of the LOs (and adults too)! 

Read about BYKidO's Visit to a Singapore Fire Station Open House too!

Head down to the Basement to view Fire Engines from the past. The maintenance of these vehicles (some at over 100 yrs old) are superb!

Fire Station Museum Interactive Exhibit

Head to the Upper Levels for various exhibits including climbing into an actual Helicopter, dressing up as a Fireman and other activities relating to fire safety and the history of fire fighting in Japan! 

Recommended Time to put aside: 1/2 Day
How to get there: Directly above Yotsuya- Sanchome Station (Tokyo Metro - Marunouchi Line)

Ueno Zoo

  • Ueno Park, Taito 110-8711, Tokyo Prefecture
  • Website¬†(in Japanese)
  • 600 yen for Adults, 200 yen (13 - 15yrs), Free (0 - 12yrs)

Ueno Zoo

Ueno Zoo offers an opportunity for the LOs to get up-close to the animals. The space between visitors and animals seems to be much closer compared to the Singapore Zoo. Perhaps an indication of the Zoo being much older (its the oldest Zoo in Japan). 

The Admission fee also makes this an extremely attractive place to visit with the kids too.

Ueno Zoo Map  

You might mistake the Zoo for being quite small as you are in only 1 of the 2 Gardens. It's not immediately clear but there are 2 Gardens - an East and a West Garden which makes the Zoo HUGE! You can choose to walk between the Gardens or take the Monorail. 

We especially like it due to the ample resting space when the adults get tired or when they kids need a nap. 

Ueno Zoo - How to get there and Location

Recommended Time to put aside: 1 Day
How to get there: 5 - 10 mins from JR Ueno Station, Subway Ueno Stations (Ginza- Line or Hibaya- Line), Keisei Ueno Station, or Subway Nezu Station (Chiyoda- Line)

National Museum of Nature and Science

  • 7 -20 Uenokoen, Tatio 110-8718, Tokyo Prefecture
  • Website¬†
  • 620 yen for Adults, Free (Children)

Have you seen a Dinosaur fossil? There is not just 1 but several on display at the National Museum of Nature and Science! Watch the kids and adults be WOW-ed by the fossils displayed. 

National Museum of Science and Nature Dinosaur display

Apart from the fossils, the permanent exhibit includes a 360-degree visual display explaining the evolution of man and several other exhibits about the world we live in. 

See what the ArtScience Museum in Singapore can offer the LOs too!

You may also want to visit the ComPass, which is an area especially for kids between 4 - 6 to play and learn. 

The Museum is located near to the Zoo, so you may wish to visit them together (although we recommend a day each) or to use it as a wet weather alternative. 

National Museum of Nature and Science Tokyo Map

Recommended Time to put aside: 1 Day
How to get there: 5  mins from JR Ueno Station, Keisei Ueno Station


Disneyland is still a MUST!

Don't miss Disneyland if you are heading to Tokyo! Your kids will thank you for that! If you need to get tickets, do consider pre-buying them from Klook and it will save you lots of hassle when you get there!



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