YOON Salon: Broad Range Of Hair And Treatment Services

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Hitting up a hair salon for the first time, or third time can be a nerve-racking experience. ‘Will the stylist understand what I want? Maybe I’ll end up with a color I don’t want. Oh no, what if they cut it too short?’

Of course, you could get the job done by yourself with a store-bought dye kit and a pair of scissors. However, you run the risk of missing a spot or cutting too short on one side – the struggle for perfectly aligned tresses (and eyeliner) is real. This is why it’s better to leave your tresses to the professionals, after all, according to famed fashion icon, Iris Apfel, “If your hair is done properly and you’re wearing good shoes, you can get away with anything.”

To avoid the jitteriness before your appointment, you’ll need to scout for a reliable salon with consistent services, like Yoon Salon. A leading hair salon in Singapore, YOON has years of experience, be it perfectly styling a fresh new cut or providing a satisfying treatment customized for your individual hair and scalp needs.

The team is made up of the most sought after stylists, and they also only use products that are premium and gentle. Leave your mane under their masterful hands for a pampering and rejuvenating experience that will have you glowing in your next selfie.

Yoon Salon: Broad Range Of Hair And Treatment Services

Whether you’re looking to change up your style, pamper your tresses or are just bored with your current style, they provide a broad range of services that you can benefit from. Here’s a look at their services.

Premium Haircut

There is no one style for all, our faces have different shapes – oval, round, diamond, oblong, square, and heart-shaped are just six common types of face shapes. While the style you have in mind may look good, it may not necessarily be the best one to accentuate your features and their stylists understand that.

Your stylist will help identify the best style that suits your face shape, complexion and personality. You can discuss your desired look with them before having your tresses professionally designed, cut and styled. They provide Fringe Cut, Long, Short, and Kids Hair Cut services too.

Premium Wash and Blow

Whether you’re stressed out and is in need of some pampering or are preparing for a special date night with your hubby, a Premium Wash and Blow might be just what you need. With a deep cleansing wash to remove excess oil, debris and residue, followed by a heat-controlled blow dry, you’ll come out with clean and nourished locks. Another plus, they will pamper you with a relaxing head, neck and shoulder massage. All this and professionally-styled locks that will last about a week, in just 30 minutes.

Premium Colouring, Bleaching and Creative Colouring

Whether you’re thinking about getting a one-tone colouring, bleaching your tresses or a creative colouring to bring out your adventurous spirit, like ombre or rainbow, YOON has got you covered. The process starts with your stylist blending a selection of multi-tonal dyes to

create a high-quality colour, which will then be applied to your tresses. Your mane will be placed under a thermal machine to allow the colours to penetrate past the outermost layer of your locks, resulting in a high-quality and vibrant shade. 

Premium Rebonding

If that swish of smooth tresses is what you yearn for instead of a frizzy tangled mess that ends up looking like a bird’s nest, you can opt for a Straight Rebond at the salon. With the use of strong chemicals and high heat temperature, the straight technique will gift you sleek-looking locks with not a strand out of place. For more natural-looking straight locks, consider the Soft Rebonding instead. It uses milder chemicals and lower heat temperature, giving your hair a natural look.

Premium Perming

There are so many different styles of perms that you can rock, including the latest trendy styles from Korea, the Korean C-Curl and S-Curl Perms. Don’t worry about your new bouncy curls deserting you after the perm, for the trained and knowledgeable stylists will be able to recommend you the best conditioning products as well as provide you with tips and tricks on caring for your new waves.

Premium Creative Hair Shaping

For voluminous mane with soft and natural curls, you also have the option of getting either a Volume S-Curl or C-Curl Rebond. While it works better on longer locks, you can have a chat with your stylist to find out if it’ll work for you. Both styles, the C-Curl with the ends shaped in an inward swirl and the S-Curl with the ends shaped into waves, will last about 6 to 7 months, depending on your routine.

Premium Hair and Scalp Treatment

Frizzy locks are almost inevitable with Singapore’s humid weather but that doesn’t mean you have to live with it. YOON offers five different kinds of Premium Hair Treatment that help strengthen your roots, repair the cuticles in your strands and tames down frizzy mane. Leave your anxieties about choosing the correct treatment for your locks in the hands of experts. The team will examine your tresses carefully to assess the extent of damage and recommend the best option for you. If scalp issues such as oily scalp, sensitive scalp or dandruff are keeping your locks from its best, a scalp treatment might be just what you need. Not only does the treatment cleanse your scalp, but it also stimulates blood circulation, allowing nutrients to flow to the skin of your head. It’s also very relaxing, so if you want to add-on a scalp treatment to your appointment for some scalp-pampering, you can.

Yoon Salon: Free Hairstyling Tips

YOON’s services go beyond the salon. If you’re prowling the web for some style tips pre- or post-hair appointment, look no further for YOON provides a wide range of free styling tips on their website. They focus on common queries, such as picking the right dye for your face, picking a suitable cut for your lifestyle and professional fixes for frizzy manes, and are detailed in their explanation.


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