Unicorn and Mermaid Waffles That Taste Like Cotton Candy From Kellogg's

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Breakfast will no longer be a struggle with the little princesses with the newly launched Unicorn and Mermaid Waffles from Kellogg's! And they taste like cotton candy and blue-raspberry! 

Spotted online in the United States, these newly launched waffles from Kelloggs are unlikely to be in Asia yet, nor are there any updates about when they will be. But we can already imagine ourselves along the frozen aisle of the Supermarket with the kids (and maybe some adults) going "Pllleeeaasssseee can we have it?" 

What is it?



Two new tasty breakfast treats suitable for princesses and the fam! Kellogg's now has unicorn and mermaid waffles that taste like cotton candy and blue-raspberry respectively! 

The pink Unicorn waffles taste like cotton candy, which is obviously the only acceptable flavour for anything Unicorn! The Mermaid waffles are blue and taste of blue-raspberry, aligned with the aquatic theme.

Will we see it here?

We got no idea, even in the United States where this is being first spotted, people are not sure if these are limited edition flavors as they are not found everywhere there too! 

If you do see it in your local stores, do share and let us know too!


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