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Here are 7 Movies to Catch when the Theatres Reopen

With theatres in Singapore re-opening, you can get back to enjoying movies on bigger screens with better sound quality! Theatres in Singapore have remained closed for months and it’s understandable if you miss the experience – walking down the rows looking for your seat, settling in the dim lighting, and getting immersed in the widescreen and surround sound. We missed it too, which is why we’re excited that the theatres have opened their doors again! If you need some help picking your next movie of choice, here are 7 movies you can catch now (some of them are only available for a limited time)! 1. Sonic the Hedgehog Source: Paramount Pictures Playing at: Golden Village From: 13 Jul – 22...

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9 Birthday Freebies for You to Enjoy with Your Little Ones

Birthdays are an extra special day when you can stuff yourself with rich, fluffy, creamy cake without restrain, surrounded by your loved ones, receiving blessings and heartfelt gifts. Why not add a bit more sweetness of top of it? And no, we don’t mean more cake (although a tempting thought). Here are 9 birthday freebies to bag and enjoy with your little moppets. 1. Entry to Singapore Zoo Photo credits Wildlife Reserves Singapore Celebrate your birthday on the wild side with a free entry to the Singapore Zoo, Jurong Bird Park, Night Safari, or River Safari. You can redeem a free entry on the actual day or anytime within 7 days from your birthday, accompanied by a paying guest. Membership...

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