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BYKidO Moments: Mummy XY’s Mini Trip to Desaru with Her Mini Munchkins!

Sharing of articles from fellow Mummies (and Daddies), to help you Bring Your Kid Out, and create your BYKidO Moments!  A write-up of a playground visit, a video of a trip overseas or even something educational to help you Bring Your Kid Out! BYKidO Moments are moments for your Parenting Journey! This week's BYKidO Moment is contributed by Mummy XY who emailed us about her visit out-of-town to Desaru! DAY 1 – Getting to Desaru We are off on a road trip to Desaru and to help us navigate our way (and not get lost), my husband downloaded the Waze App.  Due to school holiday, we were stuck in the jam at Tuas checkpoint for 2 hours. Some activities that we kept the...

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