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15 Movies to Watch on Netflix Singapore after Your Kids Go to Bed

After a whole day of work, household chores and caring for your kids, by the time you put your little ones to sleep (which is a struggle of its self), you’re probably exhausted. And going out with your spouse for a dinner and movie date is probably way out of your mind. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice some alone time with your loved one. Snuggle up on the couch with your partner, here are 15 movies you can enjoy on Netflix.     Get Out Your Wine & Cheese – Romantic Flicks 1. Always Be My Maybe Source: Netflix Released: 2019 Always Be My Maybe is a romantic comedy that follows the story of Sasha (Ali Wong), a...

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15 Date Night Ideas for Married Couples

Dating your spouse after marriage does not just help keep the romance alive, it also helps you to build a deeper connection with them. And of course, it’s fun, which is why you shouldn’t stop dating your spouse, even after you have kids. A date could be you in sweatshirt and pants, leaning on your spouse, simply enjoying their company when the kids are asleep, or it could be dressing up to indulge in high tea together at a ritzy hotel. Date Night Ideas Put your little ones to sleep or leave them with someone trustworthy, here are some date night ideas to put to use. Catch up over a cup of coffee. Sit down in coffee shop with your...

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