Singapore Ends Covid-19 Circuit Breaker: What Can You Do in Phase 1?

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Singapore’s eight-week Covid-19 circuit breaker lockdown ended on Monday, 1 Jun 2020, with the restrictions in place to be lifted progressively in three phases.

We’ve compiled a list of things that you can (and cannot) do in Phase 1 for families with kids.


Singapore Ends Covid-19 Circuit Breaker: What Can You Do in Phase 1?
Source: Channel News Asia/Twitter

  • Restrictions on dining in at F&B outlets (restaurants, hawker centres and most canteens) will continue.

  • F&B providers can continue to operate, providing takeaway and delivery services.

  • Outlets selling mainly beverages, such as bubble tea stalls, will remain closed.

Retail and Other Services

  • Most retail outlets, including shops in malls and heartlands, will remain closed. Online businesses can continue.

  • Wet markets, supermarkets, bakeries, hairdressing salons, and laundry services, will continue to operate. 

  • Only basic pet services, such as basic pet grooming, and pet physiotherapy and rehabilitation – with veterinarian’s referral – are allowed.

  • Stores selling hardware, paint and glass such as glass, sanitary ware and Do-It-Yourself materials, will open.

  • Bookstores in schools and places selling predominantly school uniforms will open.
  • Repairs for equipment, electrical appliances, bicycles, and motor vehicles will be allowed.

Outdoor Activities

Singapore Ends Covid-19 Circuit Breaker: What Can You Do in Phase 1?
Source: 8 Days

  • Sports and recreation facilities, such as stadiums, public swimming pools and game courts will remain closed.

  • You can only exercise in your neighborhood if you need to, and only will members of your household. Gathering to exercise with others not from your household is not allowed.

  • Fishing areas, fitness corners and playgrounds in parks will remain closed.

  • The beaches at East Coast Park, Changi Beach Park, Pasir Ris Park, Punggol Point, Sembawang Park and West Coast Park will still be closed.

  • Private gyms and country club facilities like pools and golf courses will remain closed.

Leisure and Other Social Activities

  • Each household can visit their parents or grandparents staying elsewhere, although it is limited to one visit per day and not more than two persons who must be from the same visiting household.

  • Dropping off children at parents’ and grandparents’ homes for childcare will be allowed.

  • Visiting your friends or partners from different households is still not allowed.

  • Marriage solemnizations, funerals and wakes can resume with a maximum of 10 persons.

  • Other attractions and entertainment venues, such as Singapore Zoo, museums and movie theatres, will remain closed till further notice.

  • Non-essential activities and social gatherings will continue to be prohibited.


Singapore Ends Covid-19 Circuit Breaker: What Can You Do in Phase 1?
Source: Singapore Changi Airport

  • Existing travel advisories apply. Essential travels will be allowed to resume gradually.

  • Hotel staycations are still not allowed.


  • Senior Activity Centres will resume gradually to help seniors with little or no social support.

  • All other senior-centric activities will remain suspended.

Tuition and Enrichment Centres

  • Tuition and enrichment centres will remain closed, online lessons can continue.


  • Pre-schools to open in stages with Kindergarten 1 and 2 children returning first, followed by Nursery 1 and 2 kids and later children in infant care and playgroups

  • All staff and children above 2 years old can wear either a face mask or face shield

Primary and Secondary Schools

Singapore Ends Covid-19 Circuit Breaker: What Can You Do in Phase 1?
Source: Ministry of Education

  • All schools will resume 

  • Graduating cohorts (Primary 6, Secondary 4 and 5) will attend from Monday to Friday while the other students (Primary 1 to 5 and Secondary 1 to 3) will alternate between returning to school and home-based learning

Junior College and Millennia Institute

  • There will be a limit in the number of students allowed in the school at any one time. A system of rotation will ensure that all students will have adequate face-to-face time with their teachers.

Institutes of Higher Learning

  • Lessons will rotate between online and on-campus weekly and students will return primarily for practical and lab sessions.


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