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ï»żDecathlon has put together a list of winter travel essentials for you and your loved ones to truly enjoy the trip in cosy comfort and style!

Here's taking a closer look at some of the popular picks:

Base Layer Wool Tops & Bottoms 

Men's & Women's Base Layer Wool Top 900 ($59.90)

Men's & Women's Base Layer Bottom ($33.90)

A base layer is a need when keeping warm in a cold climate. Made with natural Merino fibres and High Tech Dry Yarn, the Base Layer Wool Top 900 (for Men & Women) and Base Layer Bottom (for Men & Women) are the ideal starting point for any winter outfit.

The Dry Yarn keeps you dry even when you perspire as you enjoy winter sports. Meanwhile, the 3D knitted body mapping with Merino wool keeps you cosy and comfy. Additionally, the seamless technology used for its design reduces chafing and irritation.

Kids’ Base Layer Top & Bottom ($25.90) 

For the little ones, opt for the Kids’ Base Layer Top & Bottom, which are also designed with sustainability in mind as the yarn is dyed at the source. 

Ski & Winter Jackets

Men’s Warm Ski Jacket 500 - Grey/White ($99.90)

A winter jacket is essential to help you fight the cold when travelling. The Men’s Warm Ski Jacket is designed with a waterproof membrane and taped seams so that you can stay dry in the snow. Made with breathable fabric and a back ventilation strip, the jacket is breathable and ensures comfort for its wearers.

Women's Winter Jacket Mid-Length 100 - White ($79.90)

If you’re looking for a bit of style along with practicality, the Women's Winter Jacket has a mid-length cut and high collar to keep you warm, as well as a snow skirt and adjustable cuffs, which can be tightened by the wrists to prevent snow from getting into your jacket. 

Kids' Extra Warm & Waterproof Padded Ski Jacket 580 ($79.90)

The Kids’ Padded Ski Jacket will keep your little ones warm against the cold. The snow skirt adjusts when the jacket is closed and the hood of the jacket can fit over a helmet as well, preventing snow and cold air from getting in!

Winter Boots

Men’s Warm and Waterproof Hiking Boots - SH520 X-WARM ($74.90)

Women's Warm Waterproof Hiking Shoes - SH520 X-WARM MID ($70.00)

Keep your feet warm with the right boots! The SH520 X-WARM Boots (for Men & Women) have snow-contact soles, which offer excellent traction and grip even on slippery, snowy slopes. The shoe is designed with a mid-height upper with 2 hooks on the top for optimum support. On top of these, the shoe is waterproof as well to keep your feet dry and warm in the snow.

Kids’ Warm Waterproof Snow Hiking Boots SH100 X-Warm ($40.90)

For your kids, the SH100 X-WARM Boots are ideal. Designed with a wide opening and rip-tab adjustments, the boots are easy to put on. The 3mm studs at the soles of the shoes provide excellent traction on snow as well, ensuring your little ones are safe in the slippery snow. 

More Winter Essentials

40L Backpack Forclaz Travel 100 ($54.90)

It is ideal to find a large backpack that can fit all you need when you are travelling, especially with family. The Forclaz Backpack has a suitcase-type opening for easy access to your items and storage. With adjustable shoulder straps, a lumbar belt and a chest strap, you can comfortably carry this backpack around on trips. It also has a pad-lockable zip to prevent theft so that you can travel with peace of mind.

Set of 3 Storage Bags Forclaz Travel ($15.90)

The Set of 3 Forclaz Storage Bags to help with compartmentalising your items. Thanks to its wide opening and net top, you can easily identify your items in the bags.

10L Compact Foldable Backpack Forclaz Travel ($4.90)

Photo Credits: Decathlon

The 10L Compact Foldable Backpack is useful while on the go. It is designed to fold up and be kept in a larger backpack. Simply take it out when you need a smaller bag — it makes travelling so much easier!


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