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It is not easy to quit smoking. Maybe you have tried and failed or am not sure where to start. If you are thinking of quitting for your family, join HPB's I Quit 28-Day Countdown for support in your journey to be smoke-free! 

If you have clicked into this post, it is likely that you recognise the harmfulness of smoking to you and your loved ones. While quitting is not easy, the Health Promotion Board manages a I Quit 28-Day Countdown to support you through your decision to quit. 

What Is The Countdown About?

Stay smoke-free for 28 days and you're 5 times more likely to quit for good.

The countdown uses daily SMS reminders to keep you on track with your goal. By joining the Facebook "I Quit Club", you will find others who are going through the same journey as well as those who have successfully quit smoking.

When it gets tough, you may also consult with trained Quit Consultants via the Quitline Support. Throughout your journey, you will also receive incentives and rewards as you progress through a smoke-free lifestyle. 

Ready to start your journey? Click here to start your I Quit journey.

Image Credits: Health Promotion Board, I Quit Club Facebook Page



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