8 Family Friendly Activities to do at Phuket, Thailand!

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From amusement parks, adventure parks, to safaris. South East Asia offers an endless list of family friendly activities that makes this area the perfect choice for families while looking to spend some fun-filling holidays together.


We look at Phuket and identify 8 Family Friendly Places to visit in the city! This is part 2 of our overseas Places to Bring Your Kids Out!

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Phuket is amongst the most family-friendly destinations in South East Asia combining great weather, safe beaches, clean seas and an enormous choice of activities for all ages to enjoy. In Phuket you can find dozens of resorts completely adapted to children like Centara Karon Resort, so the kids can have fun while the parents relax. Sounds like the perfect holiday already!

Splash Jungle Water Park – the perfect setting to get wet

Are you and your kids ready to make a splash? Splash Jungle is a thriving and safe destination for everyone’s adventure, from the toe-dipping kids’ pool to exhilarating rides like Boomerango! Located at the edge of Phuket’s jungle and overlooking the beautiful Mai Khao Beach this is the perfect setting to get wet!

Required age: all ages

Splash Jungle Waterpark, PhuketSplash Jungle Waterpark, Phuket


Zipline Adventure – feel like Tarzan or Jane

Enjoy this eco-experience Zipline Adventure; a voyage of adventure and discovery. Zipping from tree to tree you will feel like Tarzan or Jane. With 28 platforms, 15 ziplines, 2 abseil points, 2 sky bridges, 3 spiral staircases, 1 sky rail and a 20-minutes wilderness walk there is no moment of boredom.

Required age: minimum 4 years old

Treetop Zipline in Kathu, Phuket
Treetop Zipline in Kathu, Phuket


Phuket Aquarium – thousands exotic marine creatures

An island vacation wouldn’t be complete without fish (and we don’t just mean the fish on your plate). Have your children learn about what they eat and what might eat them, or rather not! With thousands of tropical, colorful and exotic marine creatures, the Phuket Aquarium will keep children entertained for hours.

Required age: all ages

Phuket Aquarium, PhuketPhuket Aquarium, Phuket


Snorkeling at Phi Phi Island – admire the colorful underwater world

Being so close to paradise, take a speedboat to Phi Phi Island to visit the stunning white sandy beach with monkeys playing in the trees. Here the whole family will put on a mask and snorkel to admire the colorful underwater world in a shallow reef with perfect sea conditions.

Required age: all ages

Snorkeling trip around Phi Phi island, PhuketSnorkeling trip around Phi Phi island, Phuket


Elephant trekking & ATV Tour – excitement guaranteed!

Better not tell your kids the night before, because they will be too excited to sleep! An elephant trekking tour combined with an ATV ride is a guaranteed way to see your children smile. Just outside Phuket you will drive an ATV through beautiful scenery connecting with locals in the surrounding fields. After this you will climb onto the back of an elephant for a bumpy ride and get the chance to freshen up by swimming in a natural pool underneath the waterfall.

Required age: 4 years and older

Elephant riding around Phuket, ThailandElephant riding around Phuket, Thailand


Fantasea Show

Learn about Thai culture and history by experiencing an entertaining, fascinating and mythical Fantasea show. This show is infused with cutting edge technology and state-of-the-art show elements, both fun for children and their parents!

Required age: all ages

Fantasea Show in PhuketFantasea Show in Phuket


Live Room Escape Game – try to get out…

Most of the times as a tourist you will go to see a show or story being the audience. In a Live Room Escape Game you are the story while playing a live game! The Escape Game is a concentration of Thai history and myth; an interesting and fun challenge for older children and parents.

Required age: minimum 6 years old

Escape hunt game in Phuket, ThailandEscape hunt game in Phuket, Thailand


Hong by starlight (ideal for families)

Enjoy an afternoon of sea cave kayaking exploration literally inside Phang Nga Bay’s marine geology, including the caves and hidden lagoons. Impressive nature and wildlife surrounds you and your family.

Required age: minimum 3 years old

 Kayaking trip around Phang Ngam, PhuketKayaking trip around Phang Ngam, Phuket



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