Over 600 Club Rainbow Beneficiaries Enjoyed Fun-Filled Equine Experiences at Singapore Turf Club Riding Centre Thanks to Generosity of Singaporeans

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Over 600 Club Rainbow beneficiaries benefited from public donations of unused SingapoRediscovers Vouchers (SRVs).

Source: Singapore Turf Club Riding Centre

To spread cheer to over 600 Club Rainbow beneficiaries and their families, Singapore Turf Club Riding Centre (STCRC), Club Rainbow and Corporate Alliance for Good Ltd (CAforGood), teamed up to organise a series of family days that immersed the children and their family members in fun-filled equine experiences at STCRC all through the month of March.

Public Donations of Unused SRVs

Over 30 equine-centric tours and horse-riding sessions were held at STCRC as part of the collaboration. This was funded by CAforGood’s ‘DO GOOD TOGETHER’ initiative, which gathered public donations of unused SingapoRediscovers Vouchers (SRVs) and channelled them to the underserved in our community.

The sponsored family day provided Club Rainbow beneficiaries and their family members the unique opportunity to take a behind-the-scenes tour of STCRC, Asia’s premier equestrian facility, and interact with the magnificent horses at the Riding Centre. Beyond guided tours around STCRC’s stables, beneficiaries and their family members also had the opportunity to feed, groom and ride majestic horses.

“The equine tour was definitely a great March holiday gift for our family, and we are grateful to STCRC and Club Rainbow for this special arrangement. The kids really enjoyed themselves as they learnt how to groom horses, and even rode under the guidance of the instructors at STCRC. What was especially heart-warming was how STCRC staff and volunteers were so patient and helpful when it came to handling and answering questions from our kids. Getting to meet and interact with a horse and learning to be confident around one, is a first for my kids. This was truly a memorable experience for us,” said Tiffany, mother of a Club Rainbow beneficiary.

Doing More In The Future

Club Rainbow is an organisation that supports and empowers children with chronic illnesses and their families in their journey towards an enriching life. Through the support from STCRC, the organisation managed to bring an enriching experience to over 600 beneficiaries that would have otherwise not have the opportunity. 

It is truly heartening to see that such collaborations can bring about the opportunity to create family fun. 

Mr Teo Siang Loong, Executive Director of Club Rainbow (Singapore) also mentioned that "Club Rainbow will continue to foster meaningful partnerships with the community to support and make a difference to the lives of our beneficiaries.”



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