Open Call To Recruit Singapore’s First-Ever Child Board of Directors To Rebrand Yummy United’s New Food Product Line

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Yummy United, an international producer of high-quality and delectable food products for children, has begun its recruitment for its first-ever child “Board of Directors”.

As a brand built for children, and now, by children, this marks the first of such recruitment for Yummy United in Asia, following previously successful iterations of the campaign launched in both Italy and Russia, since 2019.

With the aim to do more to help children grow and hone their skills in a safe space, Yummy United is always looking for fresh opportunities to help curious minds learn professional theoretical concepts, and supporting them to birth their creative ideas and into actual products that will be produced and sold.

Submission Details

Resume Submission Period: 1 to 31 Jul 2022 | Submit online here
Age Criteria: Kids aged between 8 to 12
Modes Of Submission: Hand-Drawn, Digital, or Written Resume; Video (not more than 20 seconds) 

Want To Sign Your Child Up? Here’s how:

Held from 1 to 31 July 2022, interested applicants aged between 8 to 12 will have to submit either a hand-drawn, digital, or written resume online. That’s not all. If you know a student bursting with quirky, creative ideas, a 20-second video is also more than welcome!

1st Round Of Selection

Amongst these applicants, thirty to forty students will be selected for a closed door interview at Hustle — a Singapore based side-hustle marketplace that consolidates services of local hustlers while offering skills-based workshops.

2nd Round Of Selection

A final group of twenty students will then be selected to go for the programme.

While optional, children who attend the interview would also earn themselves brownie points to be part of the twenty as they get a chance to express themselves to the fullest. Want to draw or dance your most curious ideas out? Why not, bring it on!

Programme Outline For The Selected 20

Successful students can expect to go through an immersive and educational training programme in August designed by Hustle, that engages the modern workforce and the curious with hands-on workshops for learning and upskilling. All trainers are qualified industry experts, so all students, young and old, will be in good hands!

Meeting regularly with their team, students get to learn new business concepts and hone their leadership skills from experienced veterans in various industries, such as Jeremy Foo, Founder of PR firm Elliot & Co and Koh Cheng Guan, Marketing Director of creative agency WPR Asia.

All 20 of the selected students will go home with an exclusive Back-to-School pack that consists of a bucket hat, a tote bag, and writing materials, valued at S$110.

Final Round Of Selection

Photo Credits: Yummy United

Of the twenty, four will be selected to make up the “Board of Directors”, consisting of a Finance Director, Creative Director, Public Relations Director, and a Marketing Director. With these roles, the board will be given the chance to take on interviews, design product packaging, calculate and forecast costs, and even curate social media content on the brand’s Instagram and Facebook pages!

As a team, they will conceptualise and rebrand Food Union’s Lakto dairy product line, as part of Yummy United’s latest offering. Lakto offers protein-rich cheese curd bars and ice creams made with the freshest Nordic milk and coated with Belgian chocolate. 100% preservative free, Lakto brings to every family’s table snacks that are a great nutritional source of energy for children aged 3 and above.

The programme will eventually culminate in an official launch of the new Lakto range with Yummy United in March 2023.

For more information, please visit the Yummy United website. 


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