Quality Check Wants Parents To Change Their Approach Towards Children’s Screen Time

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Quality Check is a campaign through which parents will gain practical tips and learn why not all screen time is made equal, and not all screen time is bad. 

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In this digital era, it is almost impossible to keep children away from screens. According to a survey conducted by a team of NTU students from the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication, though 80 percent of parents in Singapore limit their children’s screen time, only half could meet the recommended limit of one hour per day.

Quality Check Survey Findings

As reducing screen time is a challenging task for parents, the team have adopted a new approach by advocating for parents to focus on improving the quality of their children's screen time by co-viewing and selecting quality content.

Quality Check - Awareness on Quality Screen Time

The campaign, Quality Check, aims to raise awareness on quality screen time amongst parents with children aged two to four years old. In line with Safer Internet Day on 8 February, the team is organising a virtual bingo challenge and two webinars for parents to learn practical tips on improving the quality of their children's screen time.

Based on the same survey, the team also found that more than 80 percent of parents believe selecting appropriate programmes can help their children benefit from screen time. Hence, the team wants to support parents in maximising the benefits of screen time for their children through the Quality Check campaign.

Upcoming Programmes

On 19 February, Galvin Sng, Senior Family Life Educator from TOUCH Community Services, will share about the potential benefits of screen time and equip parents with mediation techniques to help them improve the quality of their children’s screen time. Interested individuals can sign up for the webinar free on the Quality Check website.

From 14 to 20 February, the team will be hosting the Quality Check Challenge, a virtual bingo challenge centred on the topic of quality screen time. The bingo card contains tips on selecting quality content and co-viewing which parents can take to improve the quality of their children’s screen time.

Parents can sign up for the challenge for free on the Quality Check website from 21 January, 12 p.m. to receive a digital copy of the bingo card and they can upload their completed bingo on Facebook or Instagram to be eligible for a grand giveaway.

Additionally, the first 100 sign-ups will receive a free challenge kit containing a physical copy of the bingo card and a special craft set for children, paired with a video recommendation that parents can co-view with their children and engage in the craft activity together after to scaffold their children’s learning. The team hopes that parents can take small steps towards improving the quality of their children’s screen time as they participate in the Quality Check Challenge.

All campaign events are held virtually.

Quality check is supported by the National Youth Council's Young ChangeMakers Grant and Seed Kindness Fund from the Singapore Kindness Movement. Other campaign partners include Singtel and TOUCH Community Services.

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