Mummies Talk: We Asked Mummies, What Have You Been Doing with Your Kids?

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We reached out to mummies on our Instagram, and asked them what have they been doing with the kids since the COVID-19 situation. We selected a few to share!

Parenting is not easy, in fact, its downright hard (and painful too). We started BYKidO with the aim to make parenting a little easier, and to make it a lot more fun but we also realise that it cannot be done alone. 

With the recent COVID-19 situation, we hear many mommies (and daddies) asking about things to do at home, or where is safe to go.

So we reached out on our Instagram account to mummies who we often see share about the things they do and the places they go with their kids. We asked them to share what have they been doing, and so perhaps it may help another family create more fun during this period too! 

Here are a few of what we collected, and we will be sharing others on our Instagram over the next few weeks too! 

Decorating Your Own Tea-time Treat! 

We stayed in mostly during the weekend now and decided to let them decorate their own teatime treat yesterday, much to their delight! 😋

Pastry from Marks & Spencer, whipped cream, cut fruits. Enjoy immediately. 💯

Elaine aka Sugar73, started documenting her busy life being a daughter, wife and mummy to her 2 active boys! Her IG is filled with food, fun, and everything under the sun ✨

Let's Try Home-schooling 

For the entire week we were home, I decided to home-school the children with Ewan's Primary School timetable. By doing so, we will be able to fill six good hours of the day and he won't be falling behind school's curriculum. I promise to make the fun parts fun for both children. The study parts, if it's dry and difficult, then, alas, we just have to bite the bullet.

Before school starts at home, we would sing Majulah Singapura, say the pledge and sing a Good Morning song which Faye taught us from her Kindergarten. Well, I just thought that'll make it a little bit more fun and add a little bit more formality. In case, they don't take this teacher seriously when I conduct my lessons with them!

Follow May at @mmlittlelee if you are looking for mummy tips on how to be a hands-on mum who learns how to cook to satisfy her daughter's interest!

Cutting Out The Outdoor and Creating Piglets

During the start of the virus outbreak, we cut down on a lot of our outdoor activities and did our usual indoor activities. Like increasing the frequency of our movie nights, baking and cooking. Although the kids did request for their usual outdoor activities, but it does not affect them much as we have been doing baking/cooking together during our "chill" days.

Qiqi, is a mother of 4 and a work from home mum! Self-professed as not a typical mum who will sit everyone down to read books but an outdoor sunshine mother who will make everyone walk under the sun and cook the food that you 'hate', everyday. Yes, everyday! 

Follow @missyqiqi, if you want to learn about self-care! Or if you really, really want to see her 4 piglets.

Off We Go Outside, Still! 

We decided to still bring the boys out for some fresh air with their new #barangs we bought from Decathlon.

I tried so hard to keep my balance on the skateboard and not roll down the slope. It's so hard to even just stand still on the board. #iscaretofalldown 🤣🤷♀ ✨

How do my boys do it so easily and freely without any help, taking one step at a time and even after 30mins, Houston manage to figure out the tricks to skateboarding all on his own! 👏👏👏

For Feijing, or fjmama, IG is a sweet space to share her lifestyle as a working mum of 2 boys while figuring out her journey about motherhood and working full time, all this while still maintaining her interest and identity too ❤

An In-house Artist is Born! 

The daughter and I art jammed in the house! Bought canvases from the art store to storm these up with acrylic paint and brushes.

It wasn’t as tough as we thought. She drew a rhythmic gymnastics pose, which she intends to gift to her coach. While I drew a half sun with half moon. Good representation of a Mum’s day, who is on job day and night. 

Karen is a stay home mum to three wonderful kids, ages 11, 9 and 4. Some days, she does freelance writing to liberate her mind from parenting stress. Karen time capsules her motherhood journey over @mumscalling.

Let's Indulge and be Healthy

Little V was really excited to know that she was going to help with making "something to eat" - she has always had an interest in baking and cooking :P When I revealed that we were making Fruit Yogurt Popsicles, she squealed with delight and started asking me many questions. 

All I needed was just 2 ingredients and I figured it would be a fab treat for Vera and Leroy, that's also healthy, delicious and nutritious. The fun part of making it together gives us the opportunity to discuss and talk about what we should add.

Both of them kept checking the freezer and asked if the popsicles were ready to be eaten, :) When the answer was "yes", they devoured the popsicles, so be prepared for a mess! :P Leroy was really happy and remembered to say "Thank you mummy and jie jie for making the popsicles." A simple activity that warmed their hearts and teaches them to be thankful - that makes me happy too! :)

Cindy, a Mum of 2 who often needs coffee to stay awake while working on balancing work, family, life and sanity! This Singapore mum really needs to pen down her memories before #momsbrain waves the white flag. Join her on her family fun at @deedeedee13!

A Little Sweaty but Plenty of Fun

We love our mum-and-kids workouts where we will search for clips on YouTube and just start dancing away! The kids always end up laughing immensely and it's such a great way to have fun, keep fit while bond with each other at the same time. Never stop dancing, people!

Summer is a happy mum of 3 who loves stars, rainbows and ice cream. Life, to her, is beautiful and full of hope so she tries to live it to the max and hopes that she can always dance like no one's watching. Follow Summer at @ahappymum if you are looking for more of her mummy tips!

Doing Things You Love

I love to craft! I try to make learning materials to reinforce the kids' learning in a fun way if I do have pockets of free time. Being a sahm, I would like to cook for the family as much as possible. You can search for #SerenesCookbook2020/2019/2018 for homecook meal ideas or quick and easy Bento boxes for school!

And how do I keep myself sane as a sahm, amongst the hustle and bustle of the daily routine? Be kind to myself, go for morning coffee breaks with friends for a recharge and stay connected!

Serene, mum to Xavier (12 yo) and Vera (7 yo), writes at

Staying Indoors (While Missing The Outside)

I love to travel - so I am pretty much bummed by this nasty COVID-19 especially since this is the last year before my firstborn entering her formal education next year. 

The past few weeks were “rough” especially coz we temporarily pulled the girls out from their weekend classes (for the peace of mind). It also means they are literally fighting and bickering 24/7!

I tried to fill their days with more indoor activities at home. Doing what they love such as drawing, painting and even dancing! Their favorite activity is building lego! And I am a huge advocate of lego as this is good for juicing their creativity endlessly!  

Let’s all hope this virus saga shall pass soon! Can’t wait for more adventures 😘

Agnes or more commonly known as Jesslyn’s mummy 🤭, is a mom of two beautiful girls, Jesslyn (5) & Jasmine (2.5) and writes at @missyjesslyn where she shares more of Jesslyn and the rest of the family!

Reading and More

When news of COVID-19 first broke out, we felt that it was safer to keep the children at home. We spent a lot of time reading together, and doing various activities such as engaging in pretend play, working on jigsaw puzzles, playing with play dough, as well as doing crafts and various other learning activities. 

The kids also go downstairs daily to scoot, climb trees, and play at the nearby playground, because it’s important to have some outdoor time too. However, we do try to avoid indoor play areas for now and remind the kids to maintain good personal hygiene. It’s not easy, but we take sensible precautions and do our best to live normally because life has to go on.

Adeline blogs at and also shares on her IG @growingwiththetans and current reads of N and her twins on @readingwiththetans.

Kids Yoga FTW

One of the kids' favourite activities to do at home is kids yoga with @cosmickidsyoga on their @chalkandchakras mat. It keeps the kids entertained, helps them to relax and get in some exercise time for them. Win-win-win!

Dawn from @daprayer is a FTWM with 2 kids - Laurent (6 years old) and Elise (15 mths old). She loves all things pretty and spends her free time working on hand lettering pieces on her iPad. (Wait, what free time?! She meant those precious 2 hours after the kids sleep at night 😆)


Have you found your inspiration? Follow us for more ways to make parenting a little simplier, but a lot more fun! 


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