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Active Parents welcomes first-time and seasoned parents to embark on a journey to kickstart their child's Active Start to life! Here's what you can expect from them!

Children should be encouraged to participate in a wide range of movement activities and age-appropriate sport from young. A strong foundation in movement competency in childhood prepares your child for lifelong participation in physical activity, sports and has multiple positive benefits (including psychomotor development, cognitive development, affective development and physical development). 

A social movement by Sport Singapore, Active Parents enables and empowers parents to play an active role in their child's life and sporting journey by providing a full suite of resources, educational series, as well as sporting activities and ideas for the entire family to experience living better through sport. 

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Resources for Active Parents

The Active Parents website holds a trove of resources for parents to discover and to use in their own parenting journey. There are articles to enable and empower you to play an active role in your child’s development and sporting journey, including to give your child an active start, to improve your child's healthy development, and to support your child in their sport development.

Parents can gain ideas and inspiration to come up with activities to do together with their children, and learn from experts on how to raise active children and support their child’s physical development.

And that's not all the support you will receive!

Active & Fun Family Programmes and Activities

To help families create active and fun memories, Active Parents also organises programmes that are specially designed for parents to engage fully in fun physical activities with their children, and to bond through interactive sporting and fitness experiences! At the inaugural FunFam SportFest organised at the Singapore Sports Hub in December 2022, families got to try-out a variety of sports, took part in parent-and-child activities and had a fun-filled active day out together! 

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