Expert Series: 3 After-School Care Options for Working Parents with Primary School Kids

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This week's Expert Series looks at Student Care, and what are the alternatives for working parents!

Child care – a term we are all too familiar with. But student care? While MOE has announced that by end 2020, all primary schools will have student care centres within the school, many parents are still unfamiliar with this service. 

As a working parent, you may have limited options if you are not fortunate enough to have hired or extended family’s help. In this article, we consider pros and cons of the 3 most common after school care options for working parents with primary school students.

*This article is contributed by Stamford Scholars Student Care Centres


This group of parents is considered the most fortunate because there is someone trustworthy to look after your child. Though without a doubt, most grandparents love their grandchildren unconditionally, we have to remember our elderly parents are often caregivers, and not educators.


  1. Relatively low cost.
  2. Convenient and flexible, unlikely that you are restricted by time


  1. Students may lack guidance with their school work and preparation
  2. Many grandparents tend to overindulge in their grandchildren (rightfully so!), and hence may pose an issue.
  3. Being at home longer means the children are prone to more screen time.
  4. It might be taxing for our elderly parents to care for our over energetic children.

Hired help/domestic helper

If you already have a helper at home who is taking care of the household chores, she may double up as a caregiver to your primary school child while you at work


  1. Perceived cost is lower as it’s a fixed monthly cost that already includes domestic help with chores
  2. Convenient and flexible as it saves you the hassle of travelling between places and allows for more family time


  1. As your helper will need to manage the household chores in addition to caring for your child, she may not be able provide your child with undivided attention
  2. It is unlikely that the helper is able to instil discipline, unless given strict instructions by the parents. Even so, your helper may not have the energy, patience or time to manage your child’s screen time.
  3. Your helper will not be able to provide your child with the proper guidance required in his school work, tests, spellings etc.

Student Care Centre

The third option that many parents are turning to these days are student care centres - these are centre who will care for your child with professionally trained caregivers cum teachers.

Stamford Scholars Student Care CentresHappy Students at Stamford Scholars Student Care Centre at Ang Mo Kio


  1. Professional guidance on school work, with practice and revision for tests, spellings and exams
  2. Extra enrichment / tuition classes are available. 
  3. Fun and enjoyable as there are opportunities to socialise with other students
  4. Helps you even on school holidays, with activities and excursions planned during these breaks.

Stamford Scholars Student Care CentreSchool Holiday Excursion


  1. Additional cost*
  2. Restriction on time as most student care centres close by 7pm. This might be inconvenient if you regularly work late.

* Subsidies available for low-income families. Stamford Scholars student care centres are administrators of student care subsidies and are registered with the Ministry of Social and family Development.

 Stamford Scholars Student Care Centre
Stamford Scholars Student Care Centre at Bedok 509


As with all choices when it comes to parenting, there is no right or wrong, only the best one that suits your family’s requirements. You may choose to put your child at home, but it’s always assuring to know that other options are available if all else fails.


About Stamford Scholars Student Care Centres:

Stamford Scholars Student Care Centrew

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