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A compilation of hands-on activities you can do with your kids at home, from bake it yourself cakes to DIY terrariums!  

With the circuit breaker period extended due to the current COVID-19 situation, it is understandable if you’re fast running out of ideas to keep your kids engaged and entertained. To elevate a little bit of your stress-level, we’ve compiled a list of DIY sets that you can get online for some hands-on activity at home to keep the little ones occupied!

1. Chocolate Overload Cupcakes Kit by M Studio

Chocolate Overload Cupcakes Kit by M Studio
Source: Mayer

M Studio by Mayer is offering an Online Baking Tutorial in collaboration with Chef Shartini, in which you’ll get to learn two different recipes – Cakepopsicles and Chocolate Overload Cupcakes in two designs (Unicorn and Cookie Monster).

Upon confirmation of sign-up, you will receive a free ingredients kit for both the recipes via courier. You will be added by @mayerspore to a Closed Private Group on Facebook to learn via Online Baking Tutorial and can start baking once you get your kit!

Online Baking Tutorial by Chef Shartini | $60

2. Bake at Home Sets by Genius R Us

Bake at Home Sets by Genius R Us
Source: Genius R Us

Genius R Us, an enrichment center offering children baking and crafting workshops, is now offering a series of eight different baking sets for kids. You can purchase any of the baking set, from Rocky Road Brownie to no-bake Tiramisu and have it delivered to your doorstep for free! All of the sets comes with all the necessary ingredients (except butter and eggs), frosting, toppings, and other equipment that you may need, such as cutters, dessert cups and baking paper.

Bake at Home Sets by Genius R Us | 1 set: $38 / 3 sets: $99 / 5 sets: $150

3. Bubbleology Home Study Kit by CJ Bubble Productions

Bubbleology Home Study Kit by CJ Bubble Productions
Source: CJ Bubble Productions  

You’ve probably come across the huge wobbly bubbles made by Bubblegirl from CJ Bubble Productions in events around Singapore. For little ones (and adults) who love bubbles, it’s a delightful sight. They’ll probably be more delighted to get their own bubble kit.  

In addition to a variety of giant bubble kits, you can also get a Bubbleology Home Study Kit at CJ Bubble Productions, which comes with a Bubbleology Booklet and Worksheet, bottles of CJ’s giant bubble juice and straws, among others.

With the kit, you’ll be able to create different shaped bubbles, learn about surface tension and why bubbles are so colorful as well as predict when a bubble will pop!

Bubbleology Home Study Kits | $20

4. Cake Set by LÉLE Bakery

Cake Set by LÉLE Bakery
Source: LÉLE Bakery

*Closed till 5th May 2020 due to enhanced COVID-19 measures in Singapore

LÉLE Bakery, specialized in customized buttercream cakes, is now offering a DIY Cake Set, which you can put together as you wish with your little ones. The set includes a standard cake, piping bags, sprinkles, and decorations (mermaid tails, rainbow marshmallows, macarons, etc.).

Delivery is $20 but if you buy 3 sets, you can get free delivery and if you buy 2 sets, you’ll get 15% off the total bill.

DIY Cake Set by LÉLE Bakery | $38

5. STEAM Learning Kits by Explorer Junior

STEAM Learning Kits by Explorer Junior
Source: Explorer Junior

Explorer Junior offers educational toys, workshops, activities, and enrichment programs for children of different age groups to nurture their curiosity and keep them engaged in learning. Additionally, they also offer a series of STEAM Learning Kits, such as Planetarium, Paper Chromatography and Buzzing Bee. Accompanied by a guide, children will get to learn about the solar system, ecosystem and what colors consist of, among others, with the kit. 

STEAM Learning Kits by Explorer Junior | $4.90 - $19.90

6. Rubber Stamp Kit by PSALMSCALLING

Rubber Stamp Kit by PSALMSCALLING

A customized stamp making studio established in 2018, PSALMSCALLING also offers a DIY Beginner’s Rubber Stamp Kit with which you can create a one-of-a-kind stamp with your own hands. The kit comes complete with postage stamps, envelopes, assorted papers, tracing papers, rubber blocks, and a tool kit, which includes a cutting mat, a precision knife, pencil, eraser, and an ink pad. And if you need any help with the carving, they also have an online tutorial you can reference.

Beginner’s Rubber Stamp Kit by PSALMSCALLING | $34.90

7. Cake Decorating Kit by 25grams Bakery

Cake Decorating Kit by 25grams Bakery
Source: 25grams Bakery

This DIY Cake Decorating Kit, which comes with a 6” white frosted chocolate cake, 4 frosting colors, sprinkles, sugar balls, and disposable gloves, also comes with a vegan option!

They also have a Bake it yourself Vegan Cupcake Kit (Egg & Dairy-free), if you’re looking for other vegan options. Priced at $58, it comes with vegan cake mix, frosting, assorted sprinkles, cupcake liners, and a mixing bowl and whisk. And you also get to choose your cupcake flavor (vanilla or chocolate).

DIY Cake Decorating Kit by 25grams Bakery | $60

8. Terrarium Kits by The Green Capsule

Terrarium Kits by The Green Capsule
Source: The Green Capsule

In addition to a variety of plants, flowers, bouquets, terrariums, and green walls, The Green Capsule also offers DIY kits so that you can try your own hand at creating a terrarium. You can choose from a Closed Ornamental Terrarium, an Open Succulent Terrarium, or an Airplant Greenwall kit. You will be provided with all the necessary materials like a glass jar, soil, moss, airplants, and pebbles. If you need an inspiration to get started, you can check out the illustrations on the website.

DIY Terrarium Kits | $35 - $40


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