Meet Your Favourite Characters And Experience The Timeless Adventure Once More In The All-New Reimagined Disney+ Film, Peter Pan & Wendy

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The new film features the return of beloved moments from the original animation, as well as reimagined characters in an all-new Neverland like you’ve never seen before! 

Peter Pan and Wendy: An All-New Reimagined Film On Disney+

It’s been 70 years since the beloved Disney animated film Peter Pan graced our screens, teaching us to use our imaginations, seek adventure and treasure friendships in our everyday lives. But with a little faith, trust and pixie dust, we can now go back to our childhood with the new thrilling adventure, Peter Pan and Wendy, which has started streaming exclusively on Disney+ on 28 April 2023.

Featuring Characters In A Familiar Yet New Adventure

Featuring the return of classic moments from the original animation, and an all-new Neverland like you've never seen before, here's taking a closer look at some of our beloved characters in this reimagined film of Peter Pan and Wendy:

Wendy Darling – The Heroine We Deserve

No longer just focused on Peter Pan, Peter Pan & Wendy spotlights both Peter Pan and Wendy as the main characters of the film. As much as we love our youthful boy with the green cap, it’s time for Wendy Moira Angela Darling to take centrestage. “What’s a Wendy?” exclaims Captain Hook. Well, what we can tell you about this version of Wendy is that she’s no damsel in distress, and is a hero in her own right. Independent, level-headed and self-assured, Wendy even puts her sword-fighting skills to the test as she fends off the pirates in Neverland. 

Tinker Bell - More Than Just Fairy Dust

We can’t fault Michael Darling for mistaking the beautiful Tinker Bell as a bug with the realistic visual effects in the film. Although a character with few words, Tinker Bell still shines, metaphorically and literally, with her pixie dust, intricate design and “visual language” of animated expressions conveyed by rising star Yara Shahidi. Trusty companion of Peter Pan, this version of the iconic fairy also seems to be more self-assured and her relationship with Wendy is more nuanced. 

Tiger Lily - Wisdom Beyond Her Age

More than just a supporting character, Tiger Lily is a fearless princess that holds her head high with grace and wit. Bold, brave and resourceful, Tiger Lily bestows her wisdom upon her tribe and the people that surround her, including our heroes Peter Pan and Wendy. In one scene, she even tells Wendy “Hold the past in your heart, but where you go from here is up to you”. We can’t wait to see what other iconic words of wisdom Tiger Lily will share throughout the film. 

Captain Hook - A Villain For The Ages

Photo Credits: Disney+

“You stab me in my heart with your words” exclaims Captain Hook as Peter Pan calls him a codfish for the millionth time. Yes, even the foul-tempered villain has a softer side to him. Played by award-winning actor Jude Law, the reimagined Captain Hook still wears his distinctive red coat, has an iconic hook for a hand, and is certainly not the nicest person to his loyal underlings. However, even the nastiest character has an untold side of his story that resulted in his hatred for the boy that never grows up. A complex character to uncover, perhaps this version will reveal more to his backstory.


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