BBC Earth Presents A New Six-Part Series, Frozen Planet II

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This all-new series on BBC Earth will take viewers on a spellbinding journey of life on thin ice.

Photo Credit: BBC

Frozen Planet II returns 11 years after the phenomenal first series with a spellbinding journey through magical icy lands that cover a quarter of our planet. Narrated by Sir David Attenborough, this six-part series explores this vast magical realm and discovers 6 frozen worlds of surprising variety and nature.

Each frozen world is defined by its own unique set of rules and each raises different challenges for a heroic cast animals who brave the extreme conditions here. From the dramatic turning of the seasons to a new challenge: the impact of climate change.

Watch the trailer here:

Show Channels

You can catch the series on StarHub channel 407, Singtel channel 203 and BBC Player.



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