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Based on Gene Luen Yang’s graphic novel that chronicles the trials and tribulations of a regular American teenager whose life is changed when he befriends the son of a mythological god.

Available: 24 May 2023 on Disney+

This 8-episode series follows Jin Wang, a high schooler struggling with his school and home life until he meets with Wei-Chen, the new exchange student - is he just an ordinary exchange student? 

Following one of the most popular Chinese Mythical Stories

The story of the Monkey King is one of the oldest and greatest Chinese fables, and in this story retold - you will see a different side of the Monkey King and even realise that he had a son... a pretty rebellious one that sets the story going! 

Retold - and Reimagined

The Monkey King (Daniel Wu) needs his magical staff to fight the forces led by Niu Mo Wang (Leonard Wu) who wishes to overthrow the Heavens. But the staff was stolen by Wei-Chen, Monkey King's son! 

Heading to Earth to find the Fourth Scroll, said to possess the power to stop the rebellion, Wei-Chen meets and befriends Jin Wang (Ben Wang), an ordinary high-schooler who is struggling in school, and caught between his parents, Simon Wang (Chin Han) and Christine Wang (Yeo Yann Yann). 

Wei-Chen supported by Guanyin (Michelle Yeoh) continues his search for the fourth scroll, meeting with different characters from the original Monkey King story, but not necessary acting in the same way we remember them to be! 

Much like the original Monkey King story, the series is one of perseverance, friendship and resolution, as Wei-Chen and Jin Wang meets and overcomes humps and themselves on their search for the fourth scroll! 

Throughout the series, Freddy Wong (Ke Huay Quan) appears in slapstick throwbacks and cameos.

Our Thoughts

The story requires the audience to have prior knowledge of the characters to fully appreciate the story's direction. For younger ones who have not had interaction with the Monkey King, the story may seem unfamiliar or certain nuances may be missed. 

Michelle brings across a Guanyin that is curious, playful and mindful at the same time while Chin Han and Yeo Yann Yann (great to Singaporeans on Disney+) successfully portrays 1st generation immigrants who rediscovers their passion. 

Otherwise, it is an easy-to-follow story for the casual viewer. Don't expect a Hollywood-winning series, but definitely something that families can enjoy together. 

Additionally, the series feature Michelle Yeoh and Ke Huay Quan, adding an additional interest after their recent successes on the big screen. 

Opening Dates

American Born Chinese opens on 24 May 2023 on Disney+. All 8 episodes will be available for streaming! 

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