8 Simple Ways for Parents to Save Water and Money

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March is water month, and in the spirit of water conservation, PUB shares some useful water saving tips for busy parents.

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In today's climate, it is essential to teach kids about the importance of being environmentally-friendly. This includes re-evaluating our water usage habits and ensuring that we are being mindful of the way we use water. In addition to teaching children about water conservation, this will also help them develop good habits as kids learn by watching and imitating. As an added bonus, it will also save us some money.

Here are 8 simple water saving tips for parents.

1. Buy water efficient equipment

When you are out shopping for new appliances, choose energy-efficient and water-saving appliances. Look out for 3-ticks and 4-ticks water efficiency labeling to help you save more in the long run. 

2. Check for leaks

While doing routine cleaning, you can easily check if there are leaks at home and fix them early ‚Äď look for signs of mould, discoloration or peeling paint on walls, flooring or ceiling or sniff for foul odours in an area with no other obvious source.¬†Did you know, for instance that fixing a toilet bowl leak early can save up to 240 litres of water every day?

3. Always wash on full-load

Whether you're loading up the washing machine or the dishwasher, make sure to load them to their full capacity. 

4. Use half-flush when possible

You can save up to 9 litres of water every day when you use half-flush. 

5. Don't keep the shower running

When you turn off the shower when soaping, you can save up to 27 litres of water daily.

6. Turn off the tap

If you have the habit of leaving the tap running while you brush your teeth or scrub the dishes, you might want to wean off the practice. 

7. Wash vegetables in a container

Rinse your vegetables and fruits in a container instead of running water and save up to 33 litres of water every day. 

8. Track water usage with MySmartWaterMeter

PUB has now launched the MySmartWaterMeter, an online web portal where users can login to their account to view daily, even hourly breakdown of their water consumption data and be automatically alerted to suspected leaks in their premises so that prompt action can be taken. This will go a long way towards cultivating good water usage habits that can help reduce water usage while lowering one’s utility bills in the long run.

Do note that customers can activate their MySmartWaterMeter accounts only when they have received an invite letter from PUB, after their smart water meters are installed.

MySmartWaterMeter Portal

The Smart Water Meter helps you stay on top of your water usage with near real-time data, potential leak alerts and more. 

Source: PUB

National Water Agency PUB has started installing smart water meters in Tampines Central since January this year and will progressively install the rest of the 300,000 meters at Tampines, Bukit Batok, Hougang, Jurong West, Tuas, and new housing estates in Tampines North and Tengah under the first phase of the programme.

To unlock the full benefits of their smart water meter, customers will receive a letter from PUB to login to activate their MySmartWaterMeter account after their smart water meters are installed.

Source: PUB

Here are some of the key features and benefits of the Smart Water Meter that you can look forward to:

Keep your water bills low

Receive near real-time information on your water usage from wherever you are and set a monthly water goal. Understanding the way you are consuming water and adjusting your water usage habits can help to minimise water usage and save money in the long-term. You can also set personal water usage goals to keep your water bills in check. 

Receive timely alerts

Source: PUB

Be alerted to unusual water usage in your household or premises, which could be indications of a possible leak. Through early detection, you can take prompt action to fix the leak and reduce water wastage.

Contribute to a sustainable future for all

Saving water reduces the energy and resources required to treat and deliver it to homes and businesses. With the ability to monitor water usage regularly and access handy water-saving tips via your MySmartWaterMeter account, everyone can take concrete actions to cultivate good water consumption habits and make every drop count.

For more information on the Smart Water Meter programme, please visit the microsite.



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