8 Best Korean Dramas to Watch in 2019

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If like us, you can’t seem to get enough of Korean drams with their sometimes predictable storylines that brings us on a rollercoaster of emotions, from laughing till our belly aches to sobbing into a pillow from all the heartbreak (or frustration), then this is for you.

We’re practically into the third quarter of 2019 and that means a long supply of Korean dramas to binge watch. And if you’ve not already started, here are the 8 best Korean Dramas of 2019 to get you rolling!

1. Hotel del Luna

8 Best Korean Dramas to Watch in 2019 - Hotel del Luna
Photo credits Rakuten

Genre: Supernatural/Comedy
Ongoing/16 episodes

Hotel del Luna’s clientele are a whole different class and by that we mean they’re all ghosts. The drama follows Jang Mal-Wol, the CEO of this very mystical hotel and Koo Chan-Sung, the new manager. With a touch of mystery mixed with horror, it won’t be surprise even if non-horror fans get addicted to Hotel del Luna.

2. Arthdal Chronicles

8 Best Korean Dramas to Watch in 2019 - Arthdal Chronicles
Photo credits K-Drama Team

Genre: Fantasy/Political
Ongoing/18 episodes

Set in the mythical land of Arth, Arthdal Chronicles weaves an intricate tale of power struggles among the people among other issues. If you’re looking for your next binge fix after Harry Potter and Game of Thrones, this might just be it for you.

3. Chief of Staff

8 Best Korean Dramas to Watch in 2019 - Chief of Staff
Photo credits Cinema Escapist

Genre: Drama/Political
Completed/10 episodes

Chief of Staff is a political drama about politicians and their aides, about what goes on behind the schemes. Safe to say you can expect loads of scheming, manipulation, crimes and all that drama. A Korean version of House of Cards, if you will.

4. The Fiery Priest

8 Best Korean Dramas to Watch in 2019 - The Fiery Priest
Photo credits Viki Inc

Genre: Crime/Comedy
Completed/40 episodes

The Fiery Priest brings a headstrong priest, an ill-fated detective and an ambitious prosecutor together to solve a murder mystery. Along with a bunch of scams, drugs and other crimes, this action-packed series also has its goofy moments, making it a great light-hearted action-comedy to fill your afternoon with.

5. The Last Empress

8 Best Korean Dramas to Watch in 2019 - The Last Empress
Photo credits Kpop Wiki

Genre: Drama/Romance
Completed/52 episodes

Set in a world where modern-day South Korea is still ruled by constitutional monarchy, The Last Empress follows Oh Sunny, an actress, whose marriage to the Emperor embroils her in palace conspiracies. The Last Empress has plenty of drama caused out of greed for power, desire for vengeance and innocent longing for love. If you don’t mind the frustration and heart-wrenching feels that comes from watching this series, The Last Empress is a good pick.

6. Haechi

8 Best Korean Dramas to Watch in 2019 - Haechi
Photo credits WowKeren

Genre: Historical
Completed/48 episodes

Set during the Joseon Dynasty period, Haechi sees four very different people—Lee Geum, a prince of low-birth, Yeo-Ji, a talented investigator, Park Moon-Soo, a tender-hearted examinee and Dal-Moon, a famous clown—come together to help Lee Geum become the King. With 48 episodes, you might think Haechi has a slow-moving plot but nope.

7. Kingdom

8 Best Korean Dramas to Watch in 2019 - Kingdom
Photo credits hype

Genre: Supernatural/Historical
Completed/6 episodes

A Netflix series set in the Joseon period, Kingdom goes beyond the usual palace intrigues of black bellied ministers and sharp-tongues officials. The King has fallen ill and as rumours start spreading of his demise, the Crown Prince sets off to find out the cause of the King’s illness. Awaiting him are the undead.

8. Kill It

8 Best Korean Dramas to Watch in 2019 - Kill It
Photo credits Rakuten

Genre: Action/Thriller
Completed/12 episodes

Kill It is a slightly slow-paced crime-mystery involving Kim So-Hyun, who was once an hired killer now turned veterinarian and Do Hyun Jin, an excellent cop with a traumatic past.



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