Ultimate Guide for Diwali Celebration 2020

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Diwali is here and we can't hold back our cravings to go an absolute binge ride. From decorating houses with beautiful diyas, lights and rangolis, to decking up ourselves for the festivities, Diwali makes for one of the biggest celebrations in the year- and one of the topmost highlights of this extravaganza has to be its indulgent sweetmeats, savoury snacks and lavish meals. But before you start digging in, have a look at this essential guide for Diwali celebrations that will may help you make most of the festivities, fun and of course lots of food.

Prayers and blessings

The day usually start with prayer rituals (also known as “pujas”) where elders give clothes to family members after a morning oil bath is taken on Deepavali Day. The oil bath symbolically removes all evil and dirt, and those who perform it will be blessed with prosperity and wealth. After this, some Hindus families visit the temple to offer their prayers.

However, current SOP highlighted that no more than 30 people are allowed into the temple at once depending on the size of the temple. Prayers are allowed to visit temples only on the first day of Deepavali by adhering to SOPs released by MKN.


Pre-Deepavali Preparation

From cleaning up the house to buying new clothes, make sure to prepare it as early as possible because the last thing you want is to spend hours stuck in the festive rush. In the olden days, Kolam or Rangoli is drawn using rice flour to welcome Lakshmi, the Goddess of Prosperity, which it is believed to drive the bad spirits away. As we celebrating the festival, we should not forget to decorate a nice Kolam at the entrance of your house.

Friends & Family Visit

While we cannot pay a visit to our relative in other states, we can still hype up the festival fun by visiting those who are in our neighbourhood. We are certain that nobody wants to be serve a summon when they are enjoying themselves. If you are living in a high rise building, no more than 10 people are allowed at once while the maximum visitors for a landed property is only up to 15 people. All we are asking is for everyone to stay safe and sound so that we can celebrate it over and over again every year, don’t we?


Food and snacks

Food is the best part of all! Traditionally on Deepavali Day, some Hindus observe vegetarianism and abstain from anything intoxicating. But there are also many other snacks and sweets served during the holy day. Some of the more popular recipes include mutton varuval, mutton parattal, mutton kolombu, mutton cutlet, and more! Not forgetting all the Indian sweets that are mainly milk-based and ghee-based because they are just so sedaaaaap.


Balik kampung has always been our traditions for sooo many years but the global pandemic has put us to a stop this year. Don’t be sad as this is just temporary and we are sure that you can meet your dearest ones very soon.

Looking at it from a positive perspective, Deepavali celebration in a new environment is just another new experience. Take note of the pointers and enjoy your festivities to the fullest. Last but not least, remember to always maintain social distancing, have your mask on all the time and sanitizie your hands more often. Stay safe and healthy. Here's wishing you all a very Happy Diwali 2020!


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