Comparison of Top 3 Food Delivery Services in Malaysia | GrabFood, FoodPanda and DeliverEat

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In this time of isolation, food delivery is the only option when you are too lazy to cook and don't feel like leaving your house for takeaway! GrabFood, FoodPanda and DeliverEat, which one is the best fit for you? 

With this article, we highlight the pricing and service quality of each alongside with the takeaway so we can spend wisely based on what we need.


It's likely that you are already using Grab, and with thousands of restaurants to choose from, there is little wonder GrabFood is one of the most popular food delivery service provider in Malaysia. With the option to pay via GrabPay, you also earn GrabRewards to redeem rewards too! 

  • Delivery Fee: RM5 & above
  • Delivery Hours: Varies


  • Riders are usually punctual and well-mannered.¬†
  • More than 1000 participating merchants with plenty of selections to choose from
  • Earn GrabRewards from the amount spent to redeem more rewards!
  • Free delivery from time to time.
  • Customer service response time is very fast¬†


  • Food prices might be more expensive than the dine-in price.
  • ¬†Small radius of delivery distance

Food Panda


Food Panda is the first to start in Malaysia for food delivery and they are in the market for almost 8 years now (wow!). You won't run out of choices with Food Panda as they partner with many restaurants on the platform. Apart from delivery, you also have the option of Pick-Up, which allows you to order beforehand and pick-up without queuing and delivery fees. 

  • Delivery Fee:¬†RM5 & above
  • Delivery Hours: 24 hours


  • They offer free delivery for purchases more than RM25.
  • Since they are the first in the market,¬†they cover the market quite well
  • The convenience of ordering your food on the website instead of just Apps.¬†


  • Food price almost double compared to dine-in price tag.
  • There seems to be a¬†high number of complain about delivery taking hours to arrive and not receiving refund promptly.
  • There have been complains about riders being not well-mannered.



DeliverEat is the first doorstep food delivery portal in Penang and now they are expanding to Klang Valley! That said, the merchants they have onboard might be as extensive. In addition, they also take a longer time to deliver due to the constraints on the number of riders 

  • Delivery Fee: Varies
  • Delivery Hours:¬†10am - 10pm


  • User-friendly website.
  • Deliver to doorstep even if your condominium require access card.
  • Payment via e-wallet such as Touch'n Go


  • Fewer options compared to other platforms
  • Longer delivery time

In conclusion, there is no best size fits all option. You have to consider the food price, delivery time range as well as what they have to offer beyond just delivery. Try all 3 and let us know what's your experience in the comments section below!



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