Baby Shark LIVE! The Hidden Treasure At The Arena Of Stars, Resorts World Genting

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Baby Shark is returning to the live stage together with Pinkfong and Hogi at the Arena Of Stars, Resorts World Genting for just ONE EXCLUSIVE performance! 

Venue:  Arena Of Stars, Resorts World Genting, Malaysia
Dates: 10 Dec 2022, 4 pm
Admission: from RM160 (Get tickets from

Pinkfong Baby Shark LIVE! The Hidden Treasure is coming to Malaysia for a ONE NIGHT ONLY performance on 10 Dec 2022! Baby Shark, Pinkfong and Hogi will be going on their biggest adventure - and they will be joined by Mommy and Daddy Shark, Hettie the Hermit Crab, Shimmer the Octopus, and many more of our colorful Fishy Friends!

Have a Pinkfong or Baby Shark fan at home? Here's what you can expect at the show! 

Reefville's First Annual Treasure Hunt

It’s a sunny new day and the sandy town of Reefville is buzzing with excitement to welcome the town’s newest residents, the Shark Family for Reefville’s First Annual Treasure Hunt and everyone from near and far has been invited to join in the fun!

Baby Shark can’t wait for the Treasure Hunt and invite Pinkfong and Hogi to team up on the search for treasure. To find the hidden treasure, the trio must solve five fun rhyming riddles before the sun goes down. Their search leads them to explore exciting new places under the deep blue sea - and you are invited to join them on this hunt! 

Soon they themselves on the way to a mysterious shipwreck where they find more than they expected inside. What could this shipwreck hold? Spooky secrets or treasures of gold?

Bring the kids on an adventure to learn about working together and to pick up valuable lessons while singing and having pirate fun!


This one-night only show will be happening at Arena of Stars, Resorts World Genting

Show Times

Pinkfong Baby Shark LIVE! The Hidden Treasure happens on 10 Dec 2022 at 4 pm. The show is approximately 110 mins, including a 15-min intermission.

You will need to present your booking number to the staff wearing a t-shirt to collect your QR pass 1 hour before showtime.

Admission Details

There are 3 ticket categories depending on seat location. Ticket can be purchased from and are priced as below

  • PS1: RM360
  • PS2: RM260 
  • PS3: RM160
All participants will require a ticket regardless of age. Show is recommended for 2 years old and above.


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