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3 Annual International Festivals to Celebrate with Your Kids in Johor

Among the vast amount of festivals celebrated in Johor, here are 3 international festivals happening annually that you should celebrate with your kids! 1. Bon Odori Source Location: TBU Date: Mid-July* Hour: TBU In Japan, Obon is a Japanese Buddhist custom honouring the spirits of the ancestors and Bon Odori (Bon Dance) is traditionally performed during this time to show one’s appreciation for their ancestors and their sacrifices. Today, Obon is celebrated in many countries across the globe, including Argentina, United States and Malaysia. In Malaysia, Bon Odori Festival has less to do with religious custom and is more about celebrating and appreciating Japanese culture. Traditional Japanese martial arts, musical and dance performances like the Wadaiko and Bon Odori, liven...

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Towns and Districts to Visit with the Kids when in Johor

In Johor’s ten districts, you’re sure to find something to keep you occupied—tranquil nature, architecture marvels, food filled with flavour, theme parks and more—in each of them. Here are 5 towns and districts we think you’ll especially love if you have little ones in tow. 1. Muar Source Muar, also known as Bandar Maharani, meaning Town of the Empress in Malay, is rich in history. It’s streets are lined with historical buildings and tombs like the Kota Buruk where Parameswara, the founder of Malacca Sultanate stayed during his exile, and Panglima Lidah Hitam Mausoleum, the grave of the legendary Black Tongue Warrior. In other words, if you love history and buildings that have withstood time, you’ll love Muar. And when...

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