When Sadness Comes To Call - A Family-friendly Performance at Gateway Theatres

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When Sadness Comes To Call encourages families to help their young ones recognize their emotions and learn how to manage them healthily.

Venue: Black Box, Gateway Theatre
Dates: 15 - 16 Jul 2023
Admission: $28 

Coming up at the Black Box in Gateway Theatre, When Sadness Comes to Call is an engaging play by My Super Future Theatrical Productions for very young children. The 30-minute play brings "sadness" literally to a child's doorstep. As a non-verbal performance, it is adapted from the well-loved children's storybook of the same title by Eva Eland. The adaptation looks to captivate young audiences aged four to eight years old and foster meaningful conversations about emotions in a vibrant and interactive setting. 

What happens when Sadness visits? 

The play tells the tale of a young child who encounters an unexpected visitor‚ÄĒSadness. Without the need for words, the play invites its audience to embark on an exploration of emotions to discover the power of resilience. All these are portrayed through captivating storytelling, movements, and engaging music, as well as vivid visuals.

The production will show young audiences that it is okay to explore their feelings, including less pleasant ones such as sadness, and plays out the importance of accepting such a feeling.

Includes Play Time Too

Families will receive fun take-home activity sheets, and be glad to know there's an additional "Stay and play in the Sky Garden" activity at the Gateway Theatre Sky Garden, with a bouncy castle and more.

Ticketing Details

When Sadness Comes To Call will be showing at the Gateway Theatre's Black Box from 15 to 16 July 2023.

  • 15 Jul: 10am & 11.30am
  • 16 Jul: 10am

Tickets are available at $28 each and can be purchased from SISTIC. Children above 18 months old must purchase ticket for entry. Children under 6 must be accompanied by an adult.


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