Super Kids 2023 - A Stage Performance Competition for 4 - 12 Years

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Super¬†Kids 2023 is a¬†stage performance competition organised by the Singapore Artists Association and Zhi Xin Mei ( śôļšŅ°Áĺé ).¬†

Dates: 18 Feb - 18 Jun 2023
Pricing: $20 registration fee (Register now)

[Registration for Audition Extended till 17 Mar 2023]

Are you looking for an opportunity to give your child the chance to explore their talents and gain confidence? Look no further than "Super Kids 2023"! This stage performance competition, organized by a team of professional educators and industry experts, provides a diverse stage for children to showcase their unique abilities.

Giving Each Child A Stage To Perform

At "Super Kids 2023," they believe that every child is born with a special talent and should be given the opportunity to discover and explore it. Combining training and stage performance, the event looks to provide a platform for children to showcase their talents and for parents to witness their children's brilliance. 

That's not all! Children will also be taking part in charitable activities aimed at instilling a grateful heart and to show more compassion to the community. 

Professional Mentors and Judges

The judging panel, which includes renowned educators such as Singapore's famous educator, Fang Weicheng, and former New Oriental vice-president, Lu Weisheng, will be on hand to evaluate the performances and provide valuable feedback.

At the same time, our judging panel has also invited Singapore's famous director Wang Yanbin, Singapore's famous DJ Jiang Jianwen, and Taiwan's famous artist Lin Ziyu. Whether it's directing or acting, all three of them are impeccably professional. Children will benefit greatly from the guidance of these three experts in stage and performance.

Assisting in the competition include well-known artist, Chen Jianbin who is also president of the Singapore Actors Guild. He was previously a Chinese language teacher, hosted children's programs and places great emphasis on children's development. Furthermore, there are many other famous celebrities such as singer Wen Zhang, who will come to cheer for our "Super Kids"!

Meet With Super Kids!

Participants will also get the opportunity to interact with famous child stars including Estovan and Estian, as well as winners from the first season of "Super Kids", Flora, Hong Rongjun and Jiang Xuyang. 

How Will Your Child Benefit? 

Super Kids 2023, through auditions and professional training, is based on the educational concept of multiple intelligences and gives children a stage for all round growth! This event will provide a multi-faceted educational experience, based on educational theory, to uncover and nurture children's linguistic and musical intelligence, bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, and interpersonal intelligence.

Competition Format 

The competition take the form of a team stage performance for 4 to 12 years old. Children will go through an audition and successful children will be offered the opportunity to join the competition training targeting 3 key intelligence areas including, Speech & Music, Kinesthetic & Movement, and Interpersonal Intelligence. 


All participants who pass the audition will receive a medal from the Singapore Artists Association and Zhi Xin Mei. The top 3 winners receive a special award from the organizing committee as well as team prizes below!

  • 1st Prize SGD 5,000 overseas performance sponsorship
  • 2nd Prize SGD 2,000 overseas performance sponsorship
  • 3rd Prize SGD 1,000 overseas performance sponsorship

*The sponsorship is a partial sponsorship of expenses for overseas performing
opportunities organised after the competition The prize is shared among the members of the winning team

Registration Process

Registration is now open! Interested children can register to take part in the audition for just $20 and registration will close on 18 Feb 2023. Here's the schedule that you can expect. 

  • Registration Close - 18 Feb 2023 [EXTENDED TO 17 Mar 2023]
  • Auditions -¬†18 - 19, 25 - 26 Feb 2023 [ADDITIONAL AUDITIONS ON 18 Mar 2023]
  • Selection (Open Classes)¬†- 4 - 5 Mar 2023 - TBC
  • Preparation¬†and Training Phase¬†- Mar - May (only for selected children, additional fees apply)
  • Qualifying Round - 4 Jun 2023
  • Finals - 18 Jun 2023

    Give your child the chance to shine on stage and click here or WhatsApp to +65 8543 8869 to register today! Your child will get a chance to show their talent, gain confidence and make unforgettable memories. 

    *Click here for the Mandarin introduction. 



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