Tulipmania - Step in a Dutch Tulip Farm in Gardens by the Bay Singapore

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Tulipmania returns for its tenth edition this year with a display reminiscent of its first in 2013. 

Venue: Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay Singapore
Dates: 29 Apr - 26 May 2024
Admission: Tickets to Flower Dome required

Evoking the charm of iconic tulip farms in the Netherlands, at Tulipmania 2024, tulips are uniformly planted in rows of singular colour, this year’s floral display presents a blend of tradition and modernity, with quintessential elements of the traditional Dutch landscape such as the windmill and watermill juxtaposed against modern features that showcase technological advancements in urban farming and clean energy.

Let's take a look at the highlights at this year's Tulipmania happening at Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay. 

Traditional Dutch Windmill

The Netherlands is famous for its windmills, which have played a crucial role in the development of the country. Typically constructed of wood with a large rotating cap that houses the vanes known as sails or blades, they convert wind energy into rotational energy. 

Traditional Tulip Fields

Traditional tulip fields, typically found in rural areas, are created by meticulously planting tulips in shades of red, pink, orange, yellow, purple and white in straight lines or curved patterns, resulting in a vibrant patchwork of hues with precision and symmetry that stunningly stretches across the landscape.

You will also find animal structures scattered around the fields. From cows to little rabbits, keep a look out and see how many you can spot! 

KLM Delft House Game

Visit the Delft Blue House at Tulipmania for a chance to win a pair of round-trip tickets to Amsterdam! Simply scan the QR code at the Delft Blue House and identify the correct miniature Delft houses on display to enter the lucky draw!

You can also win a trip to Europe when you post a photo or video taken at Tulipmania floral display and tell us why your mum deserves a trip to Europe!

Wind Turbines in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has numerous modern wind turbines installed both onshore and offshore, particularly in areas with favourable wind conditions. These wind farms consist of multiple wind turbines often arranged in rows or clusters which are integrated into the national electricity grid to supply clean and renewable energy to homes, businesses and industries.

Thatched Roof Farmhouse

Thatched roof farmhouses have a rich history in the Netherlands. Serving as homes for farmers and their families, they were once common across Dutch countryside landscapes, and many have been preserved as historic landmarks, or turned into tourist attractions, museums, guesthouses, or private residences today.

New Tulip Varieties at Tulipmania

Taking centrestage is what brings people back year after year ‚Äď the tulips. Some 54,000 tulips of more than 20 varieties are set to charm visitors all over again. Every show introduces new varieties, and this year, there are four to look out for:

  • Tulipa¬†Purple Circus ‚Äď This fringed tulip has white flowers with eye-catching pinkish-purple accents. Its unique frayed edges on the petals provide an extra dimension of texture and interest to the blooms.
  • Tulipa¬†Double Negrita ‚Äď The petals of are a deep, rich shade of velvety purple, creating a dramatic contrast against the green foliage. It is a double-petaled tulip, which means it has more than the usual number of petals and sepals in multiple layers, giving each flower a fuller appearance akin to peonies or roses.
  • Tulipa¬†Negrita Crown ‚Äď A crown tulip with flowers in an intense dark violet colour. The petals of crown tulips roll up at the edge, into an almost-tubular shape, giving it a crown-like appearance.
  • Tulipa¬†Crown of Dynasty ‚Äď A crown tulip with flowers that are pink with a cream base. The colours become more saturated as the flower matures.

Venue and Dates

Tulipmania 2024 happens Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay, from 29 Apr to 26 May 2024, 9 am to 9 pm. 


Admission charge to Flower Dome applies. Compare tickets here. 


For more details, visit Tulipmania 2024. 



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