Raffles City Singapore Brings Back Its Annual Free-For-All Art Exhibition, Arts In The City

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Happening from 25 August to 11 September 2022, the exhibition strives to continue its advocacy for social and environmental causes through the creativity and power of art.

Photo Credit: Anngee Neo

Venue: Raffles City Singapore, Garden Court, Level 1
Date: 25 Aug to 11 Sep 2022
Time: 10am to 10pm
Fee: Free admission

About The Exhibition

Presented in collaboration with EYEYAH! (an educational and creative platform that uses art and design to teach and generate awareness about social issues), this year's edition showcases an immersive display of thought-provoking digital artworks by 26 local and international artists, namely from Australia, Belgium, Chile, China, Japan, Malaysia, 
Montenegro, Philippines, Singapore, Spain, UK and US.

The artworks offer each artist’s perspective on the changing approaches and thinking in the art world on the pertinent issues of plastic waste and global warming.

A visual feast with unique creations set on a clear focus to create awareness, the 'Arts in the City' exhibition is sure to capture imagination and awaken emotions. Here's a list of some of the art pieces that you can look forward to:

Boiling Frog by The Cute Brute (US) 

Illusive artist Cute Brute (@thecutebrute) has found Insta fame from his array of cartoon-like creations.

The¬†exhibition‚Äôs¬†premise¬†is¬†based on¬†the¬†fictional story of¬†‚ÄėThe¬†Boiling¬†Frog‚Äô,¬†and¬†the¬†campaign¬†key¬†visual,¬†designed¬†by¬†Anngee Neo¬†from Singapore¬†and¬†Cute Brute¬†from¬†US,¬†illustrates¬†the¬†fact that¬†‚ÄúIf¬†you put¬†a frog¬†in a pot of boiling¬†water,¬†it will instantly leap¬†out. But if you put it in warm¬†water and slowly boil it, the frog won‚Äôt jump out‚Ä̬†as it is¬†unable¬†to¬†sense¬†the gradual increase in temperature.¬†This¬†story¬†serves¬†as¬†a¬†metaphor¬†to¬†call out¬†the¬†current¬†inadequate¬†actions¬†taken to tackle¬†climate¬†change¬†and¬†how¬†if¬†we¬†do not¬†realise¬†the¬†adverse¬†impact¬†of¬†global¬†warming,¬†it might be¬†too late¬†for us, just¬†like¬†the¬†frog.

Artic Trash by Anngee Neo (Singapore)

Photo Credit: Anngee Neo

The Arctic is warming up faster than any region on Earth. The melting ice caps are even releasing viruses that have been frozen for thousands of years onto the land and water nearby. (@illobyanngee)

Las Veges by Brenda Tan (Singapore) 

Photo Credit: Brenda Tan

Brenda Tan (@hellopigu), a Singapore artist from LASALLE College of the Arts who likes challenging the boundaries set between art and illustration through her work, shares how a diet of less meat and more vegetables can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions with her captivating artwork.

Future Boat by James Clapham (UK) 

Photo Credit: James Clapham

UK‚Äôs¬†James Clapham‚Äôs¬†‚ÄėFuture Boat‚Äô¬†illustration¬†imagines a boat of the¬†future that uses natural sources of¬†energy, such as wind and wave currents to clean up the¬†ocean¬†as it brings¬†awareness¬†to the issue of ocean waste. (@jamesclaphamillustration)

Brain Powered Lamp by Kristal Melson (Singapore)

Photo Credit: Kristal Melson

Did you know that your brain generates enough energy to power a lightbulb? (@krisonautopilot)

Melting Globe by Chloe Bennett (Australia)

Photo Credit: Chloe Bennett

A visual metaphor that depicts global warming using the analogy of a melting ice cream. (@yeahyeahchloe)

Photo Booth

In addition to admiring the meaningful artworks creatively presented via digital mediums in the free-for-entry exhibition, visitors can engage with an Instagram-worthy GIF photo booth to take a nice image to share their commitment and message of taking care of our environment via their social media platforms to their friends and followers. #RCArtsintheCity #RafflesCitySg


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