Test your Fitness Battery and Win Big at Singapore’s First Energizer(R) Fitness Fiesta!

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Energizer will be hosting its first ever Energizer Fitness Fiesta for Long Lasting Energy where participants can walk away with a slew of attractive prizes!

Venue: OCBC Square, Singapore Sports Hub
Date: 3 Jul 2022
Time: 10 am - 8 pm

Energizer¬ģ, makers of the world‚Äôs longest lasting batteries, is on the hunt to find out who in Singapore can match its batteries for strength, endurance and performance. It will organise the inaugural Energizer Fitness Fiesta for Long Lasting Energy¬†(in partnership with Active Health¬†from Sport¬†Singapore),¬†where participants can challenge themselves to both fitness and fun challenges and win prizes.

A series of six exciting fitness stations and six carnival games have been put in place to encourage Singaporeans from all walks of life to participate in this inaugural outdoor fiesta and put their fitness to the test.

Fitness Stations

The six fitness stations will challenge and evaluate participants’ physical attributes like agility, balance, cardiovascular fitness and muscle endurance.

Body Composition Assessment

Participants can uncover their body’s unique composition and identify what they need to lose, gain, and/or maintain in this simple, quick and non-invasive* test as they work towards their fitness goals for better health and wellbeing.

*Exclusions apply for individuals who are pregnant, have an internal pacemaker and/or metal implant(s).

Shuttle Run Test

Participants will run and complete 4 repetitions between two points in the shortest time possible. This test requires a combination of speed, agility, coordination, and reflexes. Being fast and agile is not only important in sporting performance but useful in everyday activities such as avoiding a collision or changing directions to avoid stepping in a puddle. The faster and more agile one is, the better one moves to make every move count.

Minute Step Test

Participants will march up and down an elevated step according to a metronome beat (up, up, down, down) for 3 consecutive minutes before measuring their pulse at the end. This test gives an estimate of one’s cardiovascular fitness and the fitter one is, the quicker the heart rate returns to normal. Having a good level of cardiovascular fitness says a lot about one’s health and helps in performing daily activities with greater ease.

Plank Test

Participants will get into a plank position and aim to hold this elevated position for as long as possible. This test measures the strength and stability of one’s core muscles. The centre of every movement, having a strong core improves posture, balance and stability, helping one to move better.

Single Leg Balance (with Eyes Closed) Test

Participants will measure how long they can remain standing on one leg with eyes open and then closed. This test assesses static posture and balance control, which can be used as an indicator to help manage fall risk. Having good balance is also important for one’s posture and daily activities, even walking.

Vertical Jump Test

Participants will jump as high as they can with both arms to measure their lower body muscular strength and power. Having a strong lower body is essential both in overall physical and sporting performance.

The Vertical Jump Test measures the lower body power of an individual through a simple assessment. Having a strong lower body that is able to generate power is important in physical and sporting performance.

Carnival Games

These challenges provide a fun alternative, to appeal to children and those looking to test their fitness in more creative ways.

Mr Energizer¬ģ Smash!

Modelled after the classic Hammer Smash seen at carnivals and funfairs, participants will use their power and the hammer to hit the machine as hard as possible to score the highest points.

Test Your Reaction!

Participants will have their reflexes put to the test as they try to click on as many lighted buttons as possible before it's gone.

Jump & Snap!

Participants will have to jump to get into the heightened photo booth frame within a timespan of 10 seconds. They will be able to take home an instantprint souvenir.

Is This Your Batts Shot?

Participants will challenge themselves to shoot down Battery tins while balancing on a balance board.

Watts Your Best Weight?

Participants will challenge themselves to lift or pull weights of batteries to see how strong they are.

Chargeeee & Stick!

Participants will charge and jump as high as they can to stick onto a velcro wall.

Meet-And-Greet With¬†Mr. Energizer ¬ģ

Attendees will also have a chance to meet Energizer‚Äôs official mascot, Mr. Energizer ¬ģ, who will be making appearances throughout the event.

How to sign up

To sign up to compete in the Energizer Fitness Fiesta, you will first have to purchase a minimum of $10 worth of Energizer products in a single receipt. Submit your receipt via QR code with your name, email address and mobile number.

You will then receive event registration link via email to submit participants’ details and the first 500 entries with valid purchase receipts will be given a confirmation code to sign up for the event, with slots given out on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Customers can submit up to three submissions. The fiesta is also open to children, but those 12 and under will need to be accompanied by an adult (at least 21 years old).

You can submit your receipts from now till 30 Jun 2022.

Attractive prizes to be won

With a QR Code scoring system, participants can accumulate and track Energy Points earned from competing in the fitness and fun quests. On top of receiving an event pack during the event day, participants stand a chance to win a number of exciting prizes from points earned after completing the challenges.

Participants can also stand a chance to win Grand Lucky Draw prizes worth up to $5,000, including Nintendo Switch with Ring Fit Adventure, GoPro Hero Sports Cameras, Jaybird Sports Wireless Earbuds, Garmin Venus 2 Plus, among others.

For more information, you may visit the event website and/or official Energizer Singapore Facebook Page. #EnergizerFitnessFiesta #BattsDayEver #energizersg

Image credits: Energizer¬ģ


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