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Things to do this Weekend: Have Fun and Learn about Sustainability with Your LOs @ i Light Marina Bay!

Location: Marina Bay Date: 9 Mar – 1 Apr 2018 Hour: 7.30 pm – 11.00 am Admission: FREE [unless otherwise stated] What is happening? Be captured by the breath-taking beauty of 22 light art installations scattered around Marina Bay Waterfront. Keep the kids entertained with carnival games and rides at the Prudential Marina Bay Carnival or visit the Art-Zoo Inflatable Park! Find music you can bob your head to, drool-worthy food and thrilling games to play at GastroBeats! Explore the ‘illumaponium’, an array of over hundred illuminated chime bars that respond to touch with differing patterns of light and sound! Go crazy! For full list of programmes, click here. DISCOVER NEW EVENTS TO BRING YOUR LITTLE ONES TO EVERY WEEK...

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Things to do this Weekend: Bounce to Singapore’s Largest Art Inflatable Park: Art-Zoo!

Location: The Float @ Marina Bay Date: 9 Mar – 1 Apr 2018 Hour: 5 pm – 10 pm Admission: $18 What is happening? Art Zoo Inflatable Park brings to life creatures that exist in the realms of both reality and fantasy! With over 15 sections, you and your little ones are sure to experience unmitigated joy! Find Mr, Mrs and Little Gorilla at the Black Forest, gaping crocodile at the Green River, and plant eating elephants and rhinoceros at the Orange Rocks. Track out the legendary Yeti at Yeti’s Peak, numbats and tiger at the Yellow Woods and adorable hedgehogs and moles at the Purple Meadows. SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER TODAY! WE SEND YOU THE BEST EVENTS IN...

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Things to do this Weekend: Bring Your LOs & Sneak a Peek at the Art-Zoo Inflatable Park with a Preview Tour!

Location: Bedok Mall Bugis+ JCube Plaza Singapura Raffles City Westgate Date: 12 Feb – 25 Feb 2018 Hour: 11 am – 9 pm Admission: Check article for details What is happening? Art-Zoo Inflatable Park allows little ones to explore nature and its inhabitants through the perspective of art, encouraging them with play to broaden their knowledge! This year, the Art-Zoo would like to invite you and your little ones for an exclusive preview of the park before it begins - by bringing it to a mall near you! In short, bring your kids out to a magical play land of vibrant colours that will make you feel as young as your little ones! Jump in to bounce on these huge...

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