Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre’s Cultural Extravaganza Returns

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Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre’s (SCCC) signature festival Cultural Extravaganza, returns for its sixth edition with 11 exciting programmes!

Taking place from 12 May to 18 June 2023, Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre’s (SCCC) signature festival Cultural Extravaganza, features 11 exciting programmes that highlight the passing on of our culture to the next generation.

From theatre productions, music performances, to TV programmes, Cultural Extravaganza 2023 aims to showcase how our culture has evolved over time and includes a selection of multi-ethnic and multi-cultural performances that encapsulates life in Singapore. Let's take a look at some of these exciting events.

Present Past

Venue: Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre Multi-Purpose Hall, Level 7
Dates: 13 and 14 May 2023
Admission: $38

Present Past explores the values from the past, the present and finding the meaning of¬†the future through self-discovery. By visiting these parallel timelines of past and present,¬†the music theatrical production ‚ÄėPresent Past‚Äô creates an imaginative space for you to¬†redefine your future.

Featuring local ruan musician Neil Chua as Muso, Bharatanatyam dancer Sarenniya Ramathas as Nymph and up-and-coming Cantonese opera star Gary Ong as Scribe in a unique conversation as they unravel their stories in this erratic dimension.

Ignite The Sun

Venue: Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre Far East Organisation Auditorium, Level 9
Dates: 13, 14, 16 - 18 May 2023 
Admission: $40

Indulge in shiyue (ŤĮóšĻź), an exquisite fusion of Chinese poetry and music with ‚ÄúIgnite¬†The Sun‚ÄĚ, a Mandarin musical which brings you from the founding of Nanyang¬†University in the 1950s to the birth of shiyue at its Chinese Poetry Club in the 1970s.

Embark on a musical journey with 10 original songs of Singapore that relive the creative fervour and youthful vivacity of these music and poetry lovers as they form a distinctive alliance that promises to ignite your imagination.

Jazz it up! A Jazzy Celebration of Chinese Songs 2023

Venue: Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre Far East Organisation Auditorium, Level 9
Dates: 27 & 28 May 2023
Admission: $48 and $68

Jazz It Up! 2023 features renowned 1970s Mandopop star, multi-faceted Taiwanese¬†singer and actress Judy Ongg.¬†She will be presenting some of her evergreen¬†hit songs including ‚ÄúPrayer‚ÄĚ„ÄäÁ•ąÁ•∑„Äčand ‚ÄúLonging for the Spring Breeze‚ÄĚ„Ääśúõśė•ť£é„Äč.

Enjoy jazzy renditions of well-loved Chinese evergreens and modern-classic songs performed by the Jazz Association Singapore Orchestra (JASSO).

SNYCO20: Reunion

Venue: Singapore Chinese Orchestra Concert Hall
Dates: 3 Jun 2023
Admission: $5

SNYCO alumni members Likie Low and Ryan Lim present a new and refreshing
arrangement of the renowned erhu piece Horse Racing, while Tan Qinglun and Yvonne Tay perform excerpts from qudi and guzheng concerto The Peony Pavilion, composed by Gu Guanren. Other crowd-pleasing orchestral favourites include A Well-Matched Fight by Li Minxiong and We Soar, by SNYCO alumnus and SCO Composer-in-Residence Wang Chenwei.

Join the reunion of SNYCO alumni members, in our second concert in this SNYCO20 anniversary concert, and get immersed in their enthusiasm and spirit of music making as one.

Intimate Intricacies

Venue: Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre Far East Organisation Auditorium, Level 9
Dates: 10 June 2023
Admission: $28

Intimate Intricacies is a programme that involves Chinese chamber music with newly commissioned original works that are inspired by Chinese handicrafts. In this concert, Ding Yi has selected to showcase the Giant Joss Stick Making and Embroidery.

The programme aims to be a musical journey of revisiting, reminiscing and reinterpreting the disappearing cultural heritage of Singapore focusing on Chinese handicrafts. 

Who Says It First

Venue: Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre Far East Organisation Auditorium, Level 9
Dates: 16 & 17 June 2023
Admission: $28 and $38

Who Says It First is Nam Hwa Opera‚Äôs first foray into a ‚Äúmodern Mandopop musical with¬†Teochew opera elements‚ÄĚ.¬†In the story, the modern and the traditional meet and collide with joyful, and devastating¬†outcomes. An ageing Singaporean society is also explored through the lens of¬†dementia.

One Opera Singapore

Venue: Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre Far East Organisation Auditorium, Level 9
Dates: 18 June 2023
Admission: $10 and $20

One Opera Singapore is a Chinese opera showcase that unites several local opera troupes from different dialect groups in Singapore. Cantonese Opera, Hainan Qiong Opera, Hubei Huangmei Opera, Hokkkien Opera, together with Teochew Opera sharing one stage to perform.


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