Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre Launches A One-Stop Chinese New Year Online Guide

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Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre ushers in the Year of the Tiger with a one-stop online guide, free exhibition and limited edition red packets!

In celebration of Lunar New Year 2022, the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre (SCCC) presents a roaring line-up of exciting programmes and exhibitions, including an online guide, featuring stories and tips on how to navigate this festive season with poise.  

Festive Fever: Chinese New Year Online Guide

Tapping on the shared experience of Chinese New Year, SCCC has launched Festive Fever, a one-stop online guide on all things related to the festivities. Featuring guide to greeting your elders, zodiac predictions, conversation starters and taboos, among others, the online guide promises to be everything you will need to breeze through this festive season. You can also look forward to a wide variety of cultural stories and interactive quizzes.

SCCC CNY Red Packet 2022: Fusion of Modern & Traditional

SCCC paired 76-year-old calligraphy master Yong Cheong Thye with 28-year-old illustrator Toby Tan (Tobyato) to create an exclusive design for SCCC’s CNY red packet for 2022, resulting in five unique designs that is a blend of traditional and modern art. 

Each packet has a digitally stenciled tiger interacting with the Chinese character fu written in the five main calligraphic scripts. The latter shows how Chinese characters have evolved through the centuries, from the earliest oracle bone script to later developments like seal, regular, running and cursive scripts. They reflect changes in our ways of life over time, just as how our culture is ever-evolving. 

You can redeem a free set of these limited-edition red packets from the reception at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre. Each set consists of all five designs and will be available till 15 Feb 2022, while stocks last. 

Life is Sweet: Ang Ku Kueh Girl

Venue: SCCC Auditorium Foyer, Level 9 and 10
Date: 7 Jan - 30 Jun 2022
Time: 9 am - 10 pm
Fee: Free

Life is Sweet: Ang Ku Kueh Girl captures the adorable antics and adventures of the lovable cartoon character Ang Ku Kueh Girl. Through a series of illustrations created and written by Wang Shijia, this exhibition showcases Ang Ku Kueh Girl discovering the true source of happiness and beauty through everyday events in her daily life.

Visitors may also download the Ang Ku Kueh Girl and Friends sticker pack for free from Google Play store, Apple App store and Telegram. Fun and festive, this unique sticker pack provides a refreshing way to send Chinese New Year greetings to loved ones. It can be used on WhatsApp and Telegram, and consists of 10 bilingual stickers.

One of Us, All of Us

Venue: SCCC Concourse, Level 1
Date: 7 Jan - 31 Mar 2022
Time: 10 am - 8 pm
Fee: Free

One of Us, All of Us is an exhibition that offers a new perspective on local dialect cultures. Based on the highly popular One of Us video series that highlighted the five major Chinese dialect groups in Singapore, this exhibition captures the stories of people who are making waves in promoting and developing dialect cultures.

Image credits Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre 



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