Sentosa Launches SentoSights, New Heritage and Sustainability Tours to Celebrate Its 50th Anniversary

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SentoSights, Sentosa's newly launched series of sustainability and heritage themed tours features more than 10 unique guided tours that explore a different side of the island. 

With tours to gems such as Fort Siloso, Fort Serapong, Tanjong Rimau, and the Imbiah and Coastal Trails, guests will get to uncover the rich history and natural wonders of Sentosa. 

An initiative under the Sustainable Sentosa strategic roadmap, SentoSights will also help guests gain insights into the importance of sustainability and conservation programmes. 

Additionally, the tours feature unique elements such as puzzle hunt, magic tricks and night-time forest walks, allowing guests to delve into heritage and sustainability in a fun and engaging way.

Currently, five tours have been launched, and more tours will be progressively rolled out from February. SentoSights is part of Sentosa's Golden Jubilee celebratory offerings, featuring over 50 new experiences to be launched in stages. 

Island Nature

East Asian Flyaway (Introduction to Birdwatching)

Date: 20 Nov 2021 - 19 Nov 2022, Every Sat
Time: 7 am - 8.30 am 
Fee: $90.95/pax | $321 per family bundle (2 adults and 2 children)
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Join this novel programme in which participants will learn how to spot and identify birds in Sentosa. Identify local avian fauna based on morphology and their unique calls. Bring along an adventurous spirit and get acquainted with a pair of binoculars and a guidesheet, as you embark on a trail through a series of tall rainforest trees and skirt along the coastline.

Sentosa Naturalist Night Adventure

Date: 20 Nov 2021 - 19 Nov 2022, Every Sat
Time: 7.30 am - 9 pm
Fee: $90.95/pax | $321 per family bundle (2 adults and 2 children)
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Experience the true ‚Äėwild side‚Äô on this night adventure that brings you through a rainforest system, under the cover of darkness. Be immersed in the forest symphony and learn how to spot and identify common amphibians and nocturnal invertebrates. Peek into the secretive lives of the nocturnal creatures found on Sentosa aided by a small torch.

Immersive Rainforest Trails

Date: 20 Feb 2022 - 19 Feb 2023, Every Sun
Time: 8 am - 9.30 am 
Fee: $90.95/pax | $321 per family bundle (2 adults and 2 children)
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Explore a lush rainforest ecosystem right in the heart of Sentosa. Learn and discuss about topics relevant to our landscape and development as an island-city! Participants will get to experience first-hand a tropical biotope amongst the tall rainforest flora. This tour will shift the focus to the often overlooked flowers and plants of our forest.

Sentosa Intertidal Exploration

Date: 20 Nov 2021 - 24 Mar 2022, various dates available
Time: Varies 
Fee: $90.95/pax | $321 per family bundle (2 adults and 2 children)
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Discover a hidden world beneath the ocean and more when the tide retreats. The Sentosa Intertidal Exploration is a rare opportunity for you to get up close to marine life that may be overlooked. Observe closely as sand gobies and swimmer crabs scurry away with the waves. Learn simple marine biology and gain insights into how the different biotopes on Sentosa’s shores work hand-in-hand.

If you don't spot an available date, do note that new tour dates will be released 2 months in advance.

Island Heritage

Sentosa Sunset Cruise

Date: 15 Nov 2021 - 18 Nov 2022, Various dates available
Time: 6 pm - 10 pm
Fee: From $202.23 (for 2 pax) 
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Sail along Sentosa and the Southern Islands, and pick up a tip or two on sustainable fishing. Guests can choose to add-on and dine onboard a yacht before enjoying a night cruise back to the marina.

Serapong Trail [Coming Soon]

Date: 14 Feb 2022 - 13 Feb 2023, Every Mon, Wed, Sat & Sun
Time: 9 am - 12 pm
Fee: $105/pax | $630 for private tour (up to 6 people, depending on prevailing safe management measures)

Serapong Trail is the first official hike on Sentosa which combines trekking and historical military ruins which have been overtaken by nature. You will embark on a moderate walk up Serapong Hill towards the abandoned military fort to visit the Battery Command Post and the Casemates amongst other buildings, where expert guides recount the rich history of this place since the late 1800s, up until the early 1970s when Serapong Fort was abandoned.

A Taste of Time Travel: Exploring 1870s Fort Serapong [Coming Soon]

Date: 18 Feb 2022 - 17 Feb 2023, Every Tue, Thu, Fri, Sat & Sun
Time: Weekdays: 8.30 am - 11 am & 12 pm - 2.30 pm | Weekends: 12 pm - 2.30 pm
Fee: $267.50

This experiential tour will take you back to the 1870s in an adventurous heritage trek through a less-known part of Sentosa. Think sprawling stone ruins overgrown with vines. Think underground tunnels, abandoned World War II structures and secret reservoirs. 

Escape from St John's Island [Coming Soon]

Date: 19 Feb 2021 - 19 Feb 2023, Every Sat
Time: 9 am - 2.30 pm
Fee: $481.50 per group of 5

Are you up for a mystery? The year is 2029. There is a new pandemic that is sweeping the world - the Green Death-29. Guests will roleplay Elle, the daughter of a researcher who is believed to have found the cure for Green Death. By retrieving the missing pages of the researcher’s journal, guests will have to beat the clock and solve this mystery.

Island Play

Letters from Blakang Mati [Coming Soon]

Date: 19 Feb 2022 - 18 Feb 2023, Every Sat & Sun
Time: 10 am - 12.30 pm
Fee: $32.10/pax

Letters from Blakang Mati is an immersive tour that will challenge your physical and mental stamina. The tour takes on the format of a game-based puzzle hunt. With the help of Pepper the dinosaur mascot, guests will uncover letters written for the wartime generals as they explore Fort Siloso. The letters will reveal first hand accounts of Singapore in its various stages of war.

As you decipher the clues along your trail to unravel secrets and stories, you gain insights into the rich history behind one of Singapore's key landmarks. 

Magical Discovery @ Sentosa [Coming Soon]

Date: 19 Feb 2022 - 18 Feb 2023, Every Sat & Sun
Time: 9.30 am - 11.30 am
Fee: $53.50/pax

Sentosa‚Äôs first ‚Äúmagic‚ÄĚ tour will help guests discover the island‚Äôs connection to Singapore‚Äôs past, and how Sentosa remains a memorable place for all ages.

Through Magical Discovery @ Sentosa, you will get to explore lesser-known sites in Sentosa while enjoying street magic performances designed by local magician, Mr Bottle. Be prepared to be entertained by magic-infused storytelling, acts, and tricks. 

Booking And Details

More details and purchases can be made on SentoSights. Sentosa Islander members will also enjoy additional discounts! 


Image credits Sentosa Development Corporation



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