SAFRA Swim for Hope 2023: A Family Bonding Challenge for a Meaningful Cause

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Organized by SAFRA Tampines since 2011, SAFRA Swim for Hope aims to promote fitness, strengthen family bonds, and uplift the lives of those in need through swimming.

Venue: Virtual, SAFRA Choa Chu Kang, SAFRA Tampines and SAFRA Toa Payoh for Hybrid and Physical mode

  • Registration: 1 Aug to 30 Sept 2023
  • Virtual / Hybrid Swim: 1 Sept to 29 Oct 2023, 6pm
  • Physical Swim:
    • 14 & 15 Oct 2023 at SAFRA Choa Chu Kang
    • 21 & 22 Oct at SAFRA Toa Payoh
    • 28 & 29 Oct at SAFRA Tampines

Fees: from $22 (Register here)

SAFRA Swim for Hope 2023 is an extraordinary opportunity for families to come together, participate in a fulfilling activity, and contribute to charitable causes. In this 13th edition, parents and children can show support to individuals who are recovering or suffering from mental health struggles and uplift their quality of lives by participating and raising funds for the adopted charities!

A Family-Focused Experience

Families with children below 12 years old can take part in the Families for Life category and choose between the 1KM and 5KM swim distances. To accommodate your schedules, you may choose to complete your swim virtually or physically on-site, and for the 5KM swim distance, a hybrid of both. 

  • Virtual:¬†complete the swim at your preferred location and schedule from 1 Sep to 29 Oct
  • Physical: complete the distance at selected SAFRA Clubs in Oct 2023
  • Hybrid (only for 5KM swim distance): virtual and to complete 1KM at selected SAFRA Clubs in Oct 2023
Families looking for a physical or hybrid experience can choose to complete their physical swim at their preferred time slots from the following onsite swim periods,
    • 14 & 15 October at SAFRA¬†Choa Chu Kang
    • 21 & 22 October at SAFRA Toa Payoh
    • 28 & 29 October at SAFRA Tampines


Families interested in joining SAFRA Swim for Hope can register from 1 August to 30 September 2023.

Categories and Available Modes

Families For Life (Parent & Child - 12 & below)

  • 1KM swim at $35 (Physical and Virtual modes available)
  • 5KM swim at $50 (Physical, Hybrid, and Virtual modes available)

Families For Life category allows additional pax to join for $12 each, up to 2 pax.

Open Individual (13 & above)

  • 1KM swim at $22 (Physical and Virtual modes available)
  • 15KM swim at $38 (Physical, Hybrid, and Virtual modes available)
  • 55KM swim at $55 (Hybrid and Virtual modes available)

Children below 12 years old can register for the Open Individual category with parental or guardian consent.


  • 250KM swim at $45 per pax (Hybrid and Virtual modes available)
Team category requires a minimum of 5 pax to form, with the team leader purchasing the registration. Additional team members can be added within the registration period using the team code provided by the leader.

    Exclusive Perks for SAFRA Members

    Participants who are SAFRA Members will receive a $10 SAFRA Swim For Hope e-voucher, usable at participating vendors at SAFRA Clubs. This special perk is valid for use from 1 October to 31 December 2023.

    Entitlements: Souvenirs for Cherished Memories

    Each participant, including every family member, will receive an event t-shirt and a goodie bag. Participants who complete the designated swim distance will be rewarded with a finisher medal, turning this experience into a cherished family memory!

    And for the most serious challengers who complete the Open Individual 55KM and Team 250KM, you will receive an additional finisher t-shirt too!

    A token of appreciation will also be given to the team and individual with the highest funds raised as well as the team with the most number of members! 

    Collection of Entitlements: Flexibility for Families

    To accommodate family schedules, participants can choose one of the following entitlement collection options:

    1. Physical swim days (not restricted to physical/hybrid swimmers; virtual swimmers can also collect on any of the swim days).
      • 14 & 15 October at SAFRA¬†Choa Chu Kang
      • 21 & 22 October at SAFRA Toa Payoh
      • 28 & 29 October at SAFRA Tampines
    2. SAFRA Tampines between 14 October to 13 November.
    3. Home Delivery (available at $5.50) between 6 to 10 November.


    SAFRA Swim for Hope 2023 invites families to embark on an adventure of a lifetime. By choosing to participate in the Families For Life category, parents and children create lasting memories while supporting significant charitable causes. Register now, dive into this heartwarming experience, and join us in making a positive impact on the lives of others.

    Together, let's swim for hope and make waves for better lives!


    Supported Charities

    The heart of SAFRA Swim for Hope lies in supporting various charities that make a positive impact on the lives of the less fortunate. This year, the event seeks to extend its helping hand to those who are recovering from or facing mental health struggles. By participating, families can play a crucial role in uplifting the spirits of individuals battling mental health issues and enhancing their quality of life.

    The event supports 5 beneficiaries, each catering to specific needs within the community:

    Care Corner Singapore Ltd

    Care Corner Singapore Ltd, as a leading social service agency, provides invaluable support to children with special learning needs or from disadvantaged backgrounds, youth-at-risk, troubled families, vulnerable seniors, and individuals seeking counseling and mental health services.

    Children’s Aid Society

    Children’s Aid Society focuses on delivering comprehensive residential care, counseling, and specialized therapies to the most vulnerable members of the community, including those facing adverse family circumstances, family violence, and child neglect.

    SAF Care Fund

    SAF Care Fund provides crucial additional support to SAF servicemen severely disabled due to military service, requiring long-term care and assistance. By contributing to this fund, families express their gratitude and solidarity with those who have served their nation.

    Singapore Aquatics Development Fund

    Singapore Aquatics Development Fund is committed to introducing the "Learn to Swim" program, aiming to give every child and youth in Singapore the chance to learn essential swimming skills. By supporting this initiative, families contribute to promoting water safety and enriching the lives of the younger generation.

    President’s Challenge

    SAFRA Swim for Hope proudly supports the President's Challenge, a national movement that brings together people from all walks of life under the President’s patronage to assist those who are less fortunate. All donations raised under The President's Challenge go directly to beneficiary organizations supported by this noble initiative.




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