Places to go this Weekend: AMK Hub!

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Location: Ang Mo Kio Hub | 
Date: 25 Nov 2016 - 2 Jan 2017
Hour:¬†ÔĽŅVarious timings
Admission: FREE

We previously wrote about the Christmas Celebrations @ Ang Mo Kio Hub.. let us share some pictures and videos of what we experienced this week! 

Fun- Fair Games: Level 4 Near Cathay Cineplexes

Ang Mo Kio Christmas

Right next to the lift is the Fun-Fair Games Stall. I must say, it did not seem like much at the beginning but we spent $20 bucks here and won some small little prizes. That pleased my boy very much! 

Ang Mo Kio Christmas

There are 4 games to choose from..

  • Row a ball down an alley and count the total points it lands on (sure-win game and easy for kids)
  • Bingo Like game, choose 18 tiles and see if the number from the tile form any lines on the board. Kid of educating if you let the child try to find the corresponding number.¬†
  • Shooting Games but this seemed really difficult and not suitable for kids.
  • Pool Game, try to hit the Pool¬†ball in! Not for kids but seems easy if you are good at playing pool!¬†

Ang Mo Kio Christmas

Games are at $4 each (2 Tickets) and you have to purchase tickets from the counter. Buy 10 Tickets for $20 and get 1 Free. Tickets can be used for Rides downstairs! 


Carnival Rides: Level 1 Entrance

Ang Mo Kio Christmas

This is located at the entrance of AMK Hub and is quite difficult to miss if you are looking for it. 

Ang Mo Kio Christmas

4 rides here too

  • Carousel
  • Train
  • Pirate Ship
  • Motor Car

Each ride is $4 or $6 (with an accompanying adult for kids under 6yrs). It's quite fun and a nice atmosphere. However each ride is quite short and you can really spend quite alot if it gets out of control! If you are free on Mondays, you can head down on Monday where Kids ride for Free! 

Ang Mo Kio Christmas

Or you can choose to just enjoy the atmosphere and watch the crowd. Especially when the Snow and Bubbles show starts! 


Snow and Bubbles Show!  

The bubbles started first and it was quite exciting for the LOs! Dashing around trying to catch bubbles, sitting on their daddy's shoulders to reach the higher bubbles or just taking pictures with Mummy and Daddy! 

But the real fun starts when the Snow starts (or rather foam)! The kids get really exciting and dirty... 

My advice, bring along a chance of clothes, a towel and probably a bottle of water to wash the LO. 

ang mo kio hub christmas

Its not real snow... but doesn't look like they really care!


Well, I hope that you will Bring Your Kid Out and have some fun @ AMK Hub this weekend! and if you do, don't forget to check out the BYKidO Promotion with eXplorerKid! 


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