Out Of The Blue 2023 | Learn About Life Underwater And Water Sustainability

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Look forward to various engaging activities including games, workshops, storytelling, and more!

Venue: Sustainable Singapore Gallery at Marina Barrage
Date: 24 Sep 2023
Time: 9am to 6pm

Out Of The Blue 2023 

The Sustainable Singapore Gallery at Marina Barrage invites you to Out Of The Blue on 24 September 2023 from 9am to 6pm, where you will learn about life underwater, the importance of waters, and how you can play a part in conserving it. 

Out Of The Blue is an event packed with various engaging activities including games, workshops, and storytelling. Out Of The Blue focuses on educating people more about our waters and to practise upcycling. 

Here are some of the exciting games and activities you can look forward to at Out Of The Blue 2023:

Ocean Odyssey: Gallery Activities

Venue: Sustainable Singapore Gallery, Level 2

Visit the Sustainable Singapore Gallery where a series of fun activities will show you a glimpse of life underwater!

Ocean Encounter

Discover various marine creatures and plants through an Augmented Reality experience!

Water Warriors

Singapore is known to be one of the most water-stressed countries globally. Find out more about the Singapore Water Story! 

The Ocean Clean-Up 

Blow up and get rid of harmful pollutants from the ocean in this game!

The Ocean Invaders

With the volume of plastic pollution on the rise, many animals and even human health are affected. Learn how to protect the ocean from the plastic pollutants through this activity! 

Trash to Treasure

Single-use PET water bottles are regularly discarded after use. Rediscover the use of these bottles through a fun workshop! 

Interactive Storytelling for Children

Venue: Sustainable Singapore Gallery, Screening Room, Level 2
Time: 2pm to 2.30pm & 2.30pm to 3pm 

Join us for an interactive storytelling performance about a hermit crab embarking on a journey to find a new shell!

Mimic Kai the Turtle 

Venue: Sustainable Singapore Gallery, Screening Room, Level 2
3pm to 3.30pm & 3.30pm to 4pm

How well do you know about ‚Äúlife under water‚ÄĚ? Follow Kai the Turtle to find out more about marine life!


Venue: Outside Sustainable Singapore Gallery, Level 2
Time: 10am to 2pm 

Transform ordinary waste into works of art and uncover your creativity with UnTrash! Check out the upcycling stations and explore how you can incorporate upcycling habits into various everyday items to repurpose them.

Eggshell Art  

Think of the sand art we used to do as kids at the malls, but with a twist. Use eggshells to create your very own artwork! 

Coconut Husk Planter 

Bring home a unique planter that can be used to grow your plants, or as a sustainable gift for your loved ones!

Coffee Ground Painting 

Bring out your inner Van Gogh by painting an art piece using coffee grounds! 

Upcycled Plastic Bottle Flower

Showcase your innovative and artistic talent by transforming used plastic bottles into decorative flowers. 

The Fiesta

Photo Credits: Terra

Venue: Central Courtyard, Level 1
Time: 9am to 6pm

Visit the marketplace and check out the galore of eco-friendly products to enhance your sustainable lifestyle!

This event is in collaboration with the Great Green Run.

To find out more about Out Of The Blue and sign up for Life Under The Ocean, visit this website. 


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