A List Of Virtual And Online June Holiday Camps 2021: Sports, Arts and More!

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Stuck at home with the kids this June holidays? Here's a list of virtual and online holiday camps for kids to still have an eventful June 2021! 

As the mid-year June holiday approaches, we understand that parents are looking for suitable holiday activities and events to keep the kids occupied. That is why we put together a list of virtual and online holiday camps and experiences for kids to have fun. Even with the ongoing safe distancing measures, it is possible to stay home, stay safe and have fun! 

With experience from the previous lockdown, schools have quickly switch their physical programmes for online and virtual ones, many coming up with creative ideas to keep the little ones meaningfully entertained at home! From sports schools to art studios, there will be something for every kid! 

2-Day Virtual Sports Camp

Ready Steady Go Kids
Dates: 1st - 4th or 8th - 11th June (choose 2 days)
Focus: Sports
Suitability: 5 - 8 yrs old
Fees: $79 for 2 Days (Details here)

Ready Steady Go Kids runs Singapore's premier, award-winning multi-sport programme for children and they have planned a 2 day x 1 hour programme for families looking to keep their kids moving at home! You can expect dance warm-ups, fun stay-home friendly games and cool-down stretches!

Each sign-up comes with sports equipment required for the camp, delivered directly to your door steps! Each purchase allows siblings to take part together, and you may top-up for additional sports equipment too! 

Bath Bombs and Foaming Body Wash Workshop

Fawn Labs
Dates: At your own convenience
Focus: Parent / Child Activity
Suitability: Kids to Adults
Fees: From $68 per pax 

This Fawn Labs workshop empower participants with the knowledge of safe skincare formulations that utilize non-toxic and natural botanical ingredients. Participants master the art of creating their own bath bombs and body wash. 

Have some good clean fun making your very own Bath Bombs and Foaming Body Wash in this 1 hour virtual workshop conducted by a certified Organic Skincare Formulator (U.K.). All equipment and ingredients will be sent to you directly.

You can choose to attend a pre-recorded session or find a group of min. 8 participants to have a virtual Live session. Can't find 8 participants? Join us for our exclusive virtual Live workshop by registering here, session will run if we manage to get 8 participants to take part! 

5 Day Math Olympiad Virtual Programme

Little Earth Education
Dates: Available weekly with different schedules for each age group
Focus: Education
Suitability: P1 - P6
Fees: From $269 per week (Details here)

This 5 days course conducted by Little Earth Education is suitable for P1 - P6. There are different schedules for each age group with 5 x 1.5 hr lessons available each week. 

Mathematics Olympiad contains more than 20 ways of thinking training. It help children develop ideas, improve their thinking skills, and improve their ability to analyze and solve problems.

5-Day Virtual Eco-Camp

City Sprouts
Dates: 7 - 11 June or 14 - 18 June 2021
Focus: Eco Education
Suitability: 6 - 12 yrs old (kids aged 3 - 5 yrs old may also take part with an accompanying adult)
Fees: $280 per participant (Details here)

City Sprouts is launching a unique and exciting Virtual Holiday Camp in partnership with experts in gardening, composting, natural skincare, recycling, cooking, music & arts. Kids will learn new skills and concepts in a fun and interactive way.

When you sign your kid up for the virtual holiday camp, he or she will receive a kit containing materials required for the hands-on activities. 

Online Holiday Art Programme

Tree Art
Dates: Available weekly (Mon - Fri)
Focus: Arts
Suitability: 2 - 14 yrs old
Fees: From $88 per week (Details here)

As one of the largest art academies in Singapore, Tree Art not only takes it as its brand responsibility to educate children to discover, create and appreciate art, but also to spread the importance of aesthetic education and improve the overall artistic accomplishment of the society.

The online holiday programme is a weekly programme with 5 x 1hr sessions each week. The exact schedule will depend on the child's age and art experience. 

Learn Chinese Using Magic Holiday Camp

Mr Bottle's Magic Academy
Dates: Starts 4th June till 2nd July (Every Friday)
Focus: Chinese
Suitability: 7 yrs and above
Fees: $200 per participant (Details here)

Mr Bottle's Magic Academy will make learning Chinese a little magical this June holidays! Take part in this 5 x 1hr workshop conducted in Mandarin by qualified Native Chinese Magic Teacher who is also a U.S Oscar Merlin awards winner AND a celebrity magic consultant for Famous Taiwan Artist, Jam Hsiao and Jacky Wu.  

Conducted via Zoom every Friday from 7.30 - 8.30 pm! Lessons start from 4th June!

5 Days Kidspreneurship Holiday Camp

Dates: Specific 5 Day Slots
Focus: Entrepreneurship
Suitability: 8 - 14 yrs old
Fees: $288 per participant (Details here)

Kidspreneurship holiday camp is ideal for kids with open-minded parents who are able to realize that apart from knowledge and skills, growth and entrepreneurial mindset is most critical in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world.

The camp focuses on teaching fundamental skills that have a positive impact and a considerable influence in shaping kids' impressionable minds. Multiple camp slots available, each camp is for 5 x 2 hrs Zoom sessions. If you wish to better understand the Kidspreneurship's concepts and teachings first, you may also sign-up for a 1.5hr online Trial Class here

Online Chinese Trial Class

Dates: As arranged
Focus: Chinese
Suitability: 4 - 15 yrs old
Fees: Free (Details here)

LingoAce is the premier provider of online Chinese classes for students aged 4- 15 and they are now offering free online Chinese classes for parents to experience and better understand their offerings. Trial classes will be tailored based on your child's language proficiency, simply register with your child's age and Chinese grade for them to better arrange a suitable tailored class. 

3 Days Virtual Craft Camp

EPIC Workshop
Dates: 3 Activities each week (different theme each week)
Focus: Craft
Suitability: All Ages
Fees: $105 per pax (Details here)

Join EPIC Workshop on a 3 days adventure and learn how to make your very own Terrariums, Art Work on Canvas or Tote Bag, and Clay Art Figurines. You will be guided by professional trainers through the Zoom session with basic theory of the craft, followed by a fun & exciting hands-on session!

Workshop includes a craft kit delivered to you directly too!

"When I Grow Up" Virtual Art Workshop

Art Wonderland
Dates: Every Tue, Wed & Thu in June 
Focus: Arts
Suitability: 3 - 12 yrs
Fees: $72 per pax (Details here)

Art Wonderland's "When I Grow Up" Virtual Art Workshop is an immersive and interactive online programme for little ones to discover the world of three different artistic professionals, Animation Artist, Cartoonist and Textile Designers, all from the comfort of your own home! 

Discover how captivating stories and advertisements are created with clay and stop motion techniques. Find out what it takes to have your comic strip published in a newspaper column. Learn how material and texture tell stories through a wearable costume.

Best of all, special materials will be delivered to your doorstep at no extra cost, just sign onto Zoom with your materials and get ready to be creative!

Around The World Virtual Workshop

Mr Bottle's Kids Party
Dates: 11 - 25 June 2021
Focus: Craft
Suitability: 7 yrs and above
Fees: From $8 (Details here)

Let your children travel virtually with Mr Bottle's creative craft workshops! Visit the Great Wall of China, Eiffel Tower, Stonehenge and anywhere! 4 different craft activities conducted online for you and the little ones to travel without travelling! Isn't that magic! 

Online Rubik's Cube Workshop

Little Earth Education
Dates: Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat and Sun
Focus: Education
Suitability: 7 yrs and above
Fees: From $69 for one workshop (Details here)

Rubik’s Cube - world’s most popular puzzle! Let your kids beat the heat with this fun-filled 2-hr cube workshop where they will master the art of solving the Rubik’s Cube and Pyramid. 


For more home-based fun, visit our Fun @ Home Collection with home-based Activity Kits, more virtual camps and fun online workshops for families!





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