National Museum of Singapore: June Holiday Family Fun (Online)

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Explore the curated digital programmes at the National Museum of Singapore this June Holidays with special online programmes!

Venue: Online
Date: 29 May - 23 Jul 2021
Fees: Varies

The National Museum of Singapore is bringing it's June holiday programmes online, and allowing families to "visit" the museum and it's special exhibitions, Home, Truly and Picturing the Pandemic, through virtual experiences. 

Onsite programmes will also be happening from 20 Jul onwards. 

Artefact Highlights: Show and Tell [LIVE-STREAM]

Date: 2 June (Wed) | 10.30 – 11.15am, 2 June (Wed) | 2.30 – 3.15pm, 6 June (Sun) | 3.30 – 4.15pm, 16 June (Wed) | 10.30 – 11.15am
Fees: $5 per family, refundable upon taking attendance
Suitability: 7 yrs and up

Conducted via Zoom, families may register their slot ( and make a $5 refundable payment. The payment is refunded upon taking attendance, this is to avoid no-shows and yet keeping the programmes free for families keen to attend. 

Get a glimpse into what growing up in the 1980s and ’90s was like, through Singapore’s currency series and electronics. In this experiential session, you will be introduced to some of our handling objects by our passionate Museum Host volunteers.

There are also onsite sessions happening from 20 June at the National Museum of Singapore. 

Interactive Storytelling – Timmy & Tammy: What Is Singapore? [LIVESTREAM] 

Date: 5 Jun (Sat) | 10.30 – 11am
Fees: $10 per family
Suitability: 5 - 10 yrs

Conducted via Zoom, this interactive storytelling session based on the popular children’s book Timmy & Tammy: What Is Singapore?, families will hear from four interesting characters who have each chosen an object to represent Singapore. Look forward to participating in the fun activities these characters have prepared in their quest!

Visit to register. 

Things That Remain by MySuperFuture Theatrical Productions

Date: 5 Jun (Sat) | 2.30 – 3pm & 4 – 4.30pm
Fees: $20 per family
Suitability 4 yrs and up

Some old, some new, some just odd – in Grandma’s cupboard, there's a treasure trove of special things waiting to be explored.

Join in this magical performance via Zoom to let your imagination fly, experience live music and puppet play, and discover how each of these everyday objects represent well-loved moments and memories.

Visit to register. 

Do The Splits Risograph Workshop [LIVE-STREAM]

Date: 13 Jun (Sun) | 10.30am – 12.30pm & 3.30 – 5.30pm 
Fees: $100 per family (SRV-redeemable) 
Suitability: 12 yr and up

Have you ever wondered how some artworks are printed in such bright and vibrant colours? Risograph printing is a semi-analogue printing technique, which produces prints with a unique textured effect.

In this beginner’s workshop conducted by Knuckles & Notch, learn to create your very own photowork in Risograph using your smartphone and simple tools on Adobe Photoshop, and produce photoworks that are your own unique representation of life during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please prepare personal objects (recommended size of within 148 x 210mm, no glass or anything that is fragile in case it gets damaged during the process of the shoot) to be included in their photoworks. More instructions will be sent to you upon successful registration.

Registration link will be made available on 28 May. Stay tune via the Museum's page. 

A Landmark Story Family Scrapbooking Workshop [LIVE-STREAM]

Date: 26 Jun (Sat) | 2.30 – 4pm
Fees: $30 per family, includes scrapbooking materials delivered to one address
Suitability: 5 yrs and up

Which of Singapore’s old and new landmarks have you visited? Which of these still exist today, and which are no longer around? Share some fun and memorable family moments as you and your child unleash your creativity to decorate and design a usable scrapbook with a unique lighted frame. Your family scrapbook can be used as a photo album helping you capture lasting memories of the places you visit in Singapore, and also appreciate how our country has evolved through the founding years.

Includes one set of scrapbooking craft materials which will be delivered to the participants’ address prior to the session. Families are also encouraged to prepare 5 – 10 family photos to be used in their scrapbook.

Visit to register.


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