Heritage Tales by National Heritage Board: Join in the storytelling of "Attack of the Swordfish"

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In support for #StayHomeforSG during this extended circuit breaker period, National Heritage Board (NHB) has rolled out an exciting digital storytelling initiative, Heritage Tales, with the aim to encourage fellow Singaporeans join in the “telling" the tale of one of Singapore's most well-known legends - Attack of the Swordfish.

Attack of the Swordfish

Photo Credit: National Heritage Board

Growing up, many of us would have heard of this story detailing how Redhill, or Bukit Merah, got its name. Because such myths and legends are an important part of Singapore’s intangible cultural heritage, Heritage Tales hopes to share this tale with more – especially the younger generations – albeit in a less conventional, and a definitely more fun way!

Benjamin Kheng

Photo Credit: National Heritage Board

Narrated by local artiste Benjamin Kheng, the initiative has just been launched on NHB's Facebook and Instagram platforms, and is now calling for members of the public to help act out five scenes within the story and contribute videos of their acting. The five scenes are:

  • Angry Swordfish Attacking

  • Sounding of the Village Gong

  • Screams and Cries of Women and Children

  • Chopping of Banana Tree Trunks

  • Cheers/Toast for the Boy who Saved Lives

The ‘casting call’ closes on 13 May, and the final storytelling video featuring public contributions will be unveiled on 19 May.  

Apart from the public, several local personalities will also be playing roles in the storytelling video. In the coming week, Joseph Schooling, Aarika Lee and more will be releasing fun videos of scenes they have chosen to act out, so do keep a lookout for that!


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